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i let them believe in santa but dont stress the santa issue either.....we take apic with santa but we dont tell santa what we want....we only buy 3 presents that they choose when we go out for present ideas to the store. they are discouraged to say "i'll ask santa for that" and i will say "you already picked out your 3 gifts" 2 of the gifts are from us and opened xmas eve, one is left from santa. dont do the easter bunny but they do get a gift on easter and do not do...
i was a friend's birth and the nurse was awsome....she was more concerened that I would have the baby before my friend - I was 2 weeks behind her! anyway when she felt like pushing the nurse said "NOW you can push, the doctor is here" I asked her why all nurses tell mom to wait and she said "all LD nurses are trained to deliver babies but we just hate all the paper work associated with it' - oh - ok - that makes it ok then! : adding: she never told her to not...
hope she got good money! i better if i am havin' the world rearange MY face!
i have 9 days left to sumbit the claim for my daughter's birth and need URGENT help with codes...if anyone can help me - I would greatly appreciate it - please PM me. thanks again!!!!!!!!! our MW is recognized by our insurance - just she does not file directly.
you had me totally on this - hope you find out 9 months form now!
oh my goodness - my heart aches for you and your children! hugs and strength!
ds2 was LUKES - for a while....he now makes sure he tells people his name is L-U-C-A-S....he's a sassy 4yo
i am glad you enjoyed my party
Indianapolis......close enough for ya? 9 hr drive - that is it - no?
I know there is a shot a kid can get withing 48 hrs of fist signs of pox...what is this? what is in it? is it a dose of the vaxine? my selective vaxed son has the pox with a vengance! he is soooo miserable....
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