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I have definitely had some strong BH this time.  I have noticed them tied to me not drinking enough water and if I've been running around all day with the other three kiddos.  So far, nothing too bad, though.  
 Love the name you've picked out for your new baby boy!  My DS1 is also Ronan.  We love his name :) 
Thinking of you, mama.  The urns are beautiful and you have honored your little one so sweetly.  
Oh mama, I'm so sorry.  My sincere condolences.  
I've had a Maxi Cosi Mico (used for two babies and a Peg Perego infant.  I liked the Maxi Cosi best as it was light.  This time, though, I think I'm going with an Uppa Baby Mesa.  It's much bigger up to 30 or 35 pounds, still fits in a travel system (even though I don't really take the baby seat out much, sometimes it's nice to have.  My big kids ride in a Sunshine Kids Radian (6 yo), a Maxi Cosi Pria (4 yo) and a Peg Perego convertible seat (20 month old, Rear facing)....
We'll be naming this one William Wolf, and we'll call him Wolf. (Or Wolfie ) DH shot down Wolf last time, but I told him if we have three boys, I get to have my name. My other children are Ronan, Isla and Stellan. If this one was girl, we liked Ivy, Gigi, and Isis.
I wear it for about five weeks.
I've had three c-sections, this will be #4, - the abdominal binder is a MUST. I used both a Wink and a Belly Bandit every day/night after my third. I had a "tauts baboosh" after my second (and the hospital one after my first), but I recommend the Wink the most. I'll definitely be using them again. My favorite slings are the moby for the early months, then alternating between an Ergo and a woven wrap for the rest of the time.
Thinking of you, mama.  I'm so sorry.  
catters AKA Catherine, baby #4, scheduled c-section on March 17.  :) Hopefully finding out the sex this week.  
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