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Vinegar takes the enamel off the teeth. Thats a good point though that we eat it in dressing. Quote: Vinegar is an organic acid (acetic acid). Acids are involved in the formation of caries (dental decay) by demineralizing (removing calcium from) the enamel that makes-up the outer layer of the tooth. Acids such as acetic, lactic, proprionic, and butyric acids are produced in varying proportions by bacteria living in the dental plaque when they metabolize...
MMMMMMmm yes! I love to sautee garlic in butter and then pour that on my steak. Ahhh I want a steak now.
High Vitamin CLO provides higher levels of Vit A than the "manufactured" kind where they take the natural Vit A out and then put synthetic back in. You should avoid that kind of CLO. So yeah it wouldn't be 15 teaspoons. HTH
You should really dilute the ACV with water and then drink from a straw. The straight vinegar will ruin your teeth and it will certainly burn your throat. That said, I'm starting this right now. I'm currently 175lbs and I have no energy and have been battling health issues, dandruff, allergies, ear infections, depression. I am considered right over the line for obese for my height (5ft4). I will certainly check back in and let you all know if the ACV and VCO improves...
Can you tell me a little about it? I want to find a workout system that I can do at home, but that doesn't require me to do some kind of crazy routine like I'm a dallas cheerleader or something. I need something simple and effective. Is this the right thing for me? Can you tell me what its like? I have about 30lbs to lose.
My doctor keeps getting onto me about my blood pressure because it is always borderline high. 140/90 is what it was today when I went in. I am overweight and I need to exercise again but I have been dealing with severe vertigo so I haven't felt like exercising for a long time. He always wants to put me on blood pressure meds but I always say no. I am just feeling unsure about things now because I know I haven't been taking care of myself properly. What would you do or...
I love ice cream. I would go crazy without it. I also love french fries. Evil yummy things.
2 desktops and 2 laptops. And a Wii. lol.
Janice Carol
I disagree with these ladies who insist you vaccinate your pets, ESPECIALLY if the pet has had such a severe reaction. And you can influence the pet's immune system and health through diet. We have had great succes with Taste of the Wild foods and also Innova EVO. My pets don't get any grains because its hard for them to digest, and many are allergic. I'm sorry your kitty is not feeling well. Definitely document and take pictures, or take your cat back to the vet so he...
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