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Have you tried the coconut oil trick?? I've been reading this book to find the answer to some of these questions such as: Do calories matter? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/140...pr_product_top
Egg and Cheese Omelette with Salsa Melon Cup of tea. Yum.
I hear that you can and should lose weight by eating TF and especially by including coconut oil. However, I can't help but worry that I'm going to gain because I'm eating things that seem very high in calories and my body so easily gains weight. Does anyone have an experience of gaining weight by eating this way? ( I eat mainly butter, coconut oil, cheese, salad, eggs, meat, whole grain sourdough).
Also, you can rethink what makes a meal. I was raised to have this mindset that if it wasn't cooked and wasn't hot and wasn't a big huge plateful of hot food..then it wasn't dinner. Umm yeah...needless to say I've struggled with weight all my life. Since changing my perspective about what makes a meal. I understand that a piece of buttered toast with jam, and a fried egg is a wonderful meal. A salad with cheese and nuts and dressing is a meal. A bowl of fruit with yogurt...
I'm reading this book now too.....
I did the raw meat thing for awhile, but then my dog got worms. I don't know it it was related, but it grossed me out. Now I feel Innova EVO, it is grain free, and the occasional piece of raw meat that has been frozen for at least 14 days.
ghee butter for frying coconut oil for frying/baking olive oil/Flax Oil for dressings
Here's mine: organic butter raw milk cheese salt pepper sourdough bread coconut milk coconut oil curry sauce garlic free range eggs nitrite free bacon wild caught salmon natural peanut butter jam no sugar added fresh or frozen fruit (berries, apples, banana, pineapple) yobaby yogurt for Cort and Greek Honey Yogurt for me organic brown rice chili garlic sauce thai fish sauce thai oyster sauce steel cut oatmeal raw honey green tea/herbal tea fresh veggies (tom, onion,...
Quote: Originally Posted by LionTigerBear Okay, so I made kombucha, and it's nice and bubbly, but it's too sweet. I don't care for it at all. I think I'm going to dump it. I'm going to try again but I haven't started yet. Can anyone else tell me what their finished product tasted like? I'm hoping for a GT's kind of taste. Otherwise it won't save me any money. Don't dump it! If its too sweet then let it ferment longer. It will...
You could possibly be detoxing? Also Kombucha has small amounts of alcohol in it which can case you to feel tired.
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