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I tried it once but I did not have the willpower to follow through. I would like to give it a shot again. It would be a good way to kick off the new year I think.
1. Neti pot. 2. Oregano oil under the tongue. 3. Sodium Ascorbate @ high doses until it passes.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnyMama I have had to bring my children to the late night pediatrics place (technically a peds ER) a couple of times. When asked if they're up to date on their shots I say "yes". Never have they been in there for something shot related, and as far as we're concerned they are up to date. I have no problem saying this and neither does my (clergy) husband. They don't ask specific vaxes, just "are their shots up to date?" I...
I have plans to do better on my traditional foods diet this year. We are resolving to only eat out for one meal a week. Thats a big deal for us! Do you have any goals for the new year?
I thought it sounded pretty cool until they asked for $89
Quote: Originally Posted by Plummeting Yes, if there is a reference that shows that "most" of the aluminum injected with a vaccine is excreted within 24 hours, I would like to see it. I've actually spent a lot of time looking into this and I've never seen any study showing that most of it was excreted within 24 hours. According to this research, exactly what percentage is it that is excreted within that time frame and does anyone know if this varies...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ophelia Hmmm, I guess I'm not seeing what this has to do with his pro-vaccination stance? Maybe I'm just not connecting the dots here.... I can see the connection.
I think it doesn't and shouldn't matter what we think is better or worse. Basing a person's parental rights on their education level or their income level is dangerously close to eugenics. Each and every human being deserves freedom of choice from the medical industry.
I'm working on my master's degree and I do not vaccinate.
I can't live without: sea salt peppercorn cilantro cinnamon honey butter coconut oil garlic organic yogurt organic fruit sourdough bread eggs baby carrots chicken
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