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Oh I'm so jealous! I love a carrot/apple/ginger juice. Yum!
The only thing that scares me in this world is the thought of losing my personal freedom. I want to be free to make the medical choices for myself and my child that I feel most comfortable with. That should be no one's choice but my own.
What do you have "many years of experience" doing exactly?
Quote: Originally Posted by carriebft actually in my studies today I found a lot of clinical trials (drugs mostly) with 'non inert" placebos. That's why i asked; this seems to be something that is very wide spread and accepted so I wonder what the reason is? What does "non inert" mean? Are they just making words up?
I sent you a pm but as far as a polite response I would just say the following: The concept of herd immunity is flawed, and it has no basis in my decision to not vaccinate. We are not afraid of VPD's and feel prepared should we encounter one. Thanks so much! Or something like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Devaskyla Unless they are testing for safety against a true placebo (& I find it more than a bit disturbing I have to include the word true in that) such as a sugar pill or saline solution or the equivalent, which a chemical & adjuvant laden concoction is not, there's no way they can actually determine safety. To declare vaccines safe on this basis isn't science, it's superstition. Not only should they be using an actual...
Quote: Originally Posted by livfree I had done extensive research on this very issue because of suspicions that my now 10 yo DS's allergies and asthma were rooted in vaccine damage. He was breastfed until two, no family history whatsoever of allergies or asthma, etc. Unfortunately, my hard drive crashed a few months ago and all was lost. I will try to retrace my steps if that would help you in this search. Needless to say, we no longer vax. My 21...
It is obvious that we have a huge rise in allergies and asthma over the last twenty years. My son suffers from both and I suffer from allergies as well. I know some of us wonder if there is a connection between the large increase in vaccines to the large increase in asthma/allergies because of the immune system issues. However, I haven't heard any concrete scientific theories on this issue, or really any detailed theories at all. When I do web searches on allergies I don't...
1. Sincere personal religious and philosophical reasons 2. I think more studies should be done on safety that include a true placebo so that we can find out conclusively if there are any connections between vaccines and autism and asthma, etc.
I would still not vaccinate, but that would make me worry more. Thats why I was so worried about my friend and her baby. I see breastfeeding as such a wonderful blessing, and as a huge part of the whole birthing+growing up process that not being able to breastfeed any of my future children would probably cause me to have an emotional and spiritual meltdown. Scary that I just said that and that its true for me!
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