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I'm up for moving to a secret group in FB. We still have a group but it's a closed group not secret so I think stuff can still show up in news feeds. Plus some of the members haven't chatted here in a long time so we might want to start something new.  End of pregnancy is going well. I am done work so that feels good but I liked the distraction of not thinking about the baby coming and focusing on my uterus. I need to make sure that I get my exercise in though. Work...
I want to make this pattern of a newborn bowl/cocoon but it doesn't say to link the chain in the first round it says turn but then in the 2nd round it says to join with sl stitch so am I joining the chain to make a ring? Or am I going back and forth in a blanket pattern?
Congrats Steffanie. I hope that is my story in a couple weeks! Also hoping to VBA2C.
Hi, I'm in Canada so it's different here. Sounds like the most important thing to you on your birth plan is no supplementation, glucose water, or pacifiers. All your baby needs big or small (they can make a case for big babies as well) is your colostrum in those first few days. I would do a bunch of reading on breastfeeding to prepare yourself. Here it depends on the day of the week and time of the day for the lactation consultant availability. I have both a midwife and a...
Such a tiny little man! Congratulations!
I think the tally is up to 5 babies now!
We won't be with this one. This is our third. My first was vaxed twice (2 and 4 months) because I am an RN and hadn't branched out from the biomedical model yet. He also had boosters at 5 for Dtap. He's never had MMR.    DD our second has had one Dtap shot because of a major splinter in her foot. In hindsight she shouldn't have gotten it but we were in emerge and I was freaking out a little. She is celiac and I am so thankful I didn't vax her. I can't imagine what her...
I know I have a bag of random baby stuff somewhere that has baby legs and the head hugger things for the carseat in it. I cannot for the life of me find it ugh!
Maybe consider tight underwear?
Oh gosh I sincerely hope that I'm not going to experience this again. I had this with my first and ended in an emergency c-section but I attributed it to the cord being too short and wrapped around his neck 3 times so he was essentially stuck. That was the worst. pain. ever. I have a doula and midwife who are trained in rebozo so I am hoping if I experience that they could shift her. My last mw was trained in acupuncture but not this one so that won't be an option. 
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