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I have not tried it, but I am looking at Sonlight science for K/first grade. It is a Christian curriculum, but the science books are secular. You can get the "discover and do" DVD that shows all the science experiements.
My kids prefer the sticks over the blocks. Even at 2 and 3 years old, they wanted nothing to do with the blocks.
The only thing I know of to be careful of with playing music, is if there is constantly music, or radio, or tv in the background, it could interfere with learning language, because of competing sounds. Forget where I read it, though. Most of the time when we have music on, we are dancing and/or singing along. If it is in the background, it is usually something classical or instrumental. I don't worry too much about it, and I am pretty strict about no tv for my littlest one.
I think I clicked so fast that I missed the original question. Homeschooling without curriculum, yes! I personally don't plan to use a boxed curriculum other than for math, for the next couple of years. I was thinking more along the lines of, homeschooling without buying anything (like, free resources). That is the part that I think is harder, if you have specific types of resources in mind, and a sub-adequate library.
I think it is very easy for the younger ages, but if you want to be structured at all (i.e. have specific things in mind you want the children to learn; not unschooling) I think it will get harder after first grade. It probably depends a lot on your library, as well. Mine leaves something to be desired.
That is funny! What a great response. I am already getting tired of the questions every time we are out. Yesterday a woman at the store asked ds what grade he is in. He said kindergarten and she said "oh, when do you start?" He said oh, I have already started. This is my first week (I told him he is now officially a kindergartener this week). The poor woman looked so confused, as this happened at 10 o'clock in the morning. I just smiled and did not help her out, bad me.
Well, my 5 yo just this morning was remembering something he did with me when he was 3. Then he said "That was a long time ago, Mom. Seventy-two years ago. " I think we will wait a little longer on the timelines, also.
Quote: Originally Posted by TexasSuz Because of the Anthroposophical view I would not use it. I would think that you could get the same view of the world, nature, and respect for children in Charlotte Mason type materials. Have you read For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaelffer? If not I think that it is worth reading to discover a more Christian approach to what you are looking for. Totally agree. I was attracted to Waldorf before,...
ITA with Redwine. I think it is more parenting than hs vs. ps. We lived in a wonderful neighborhood where all the children from about 12 on down to 4 years old would play together. I think saying that children who do rude things are rude just because of ps socialization, is a little too black and white, JMO. Also, children are children. They do and say inexplicable (to us) things some times.
I find that strange, since the majority of 6 year olds we know are not reading more than cvc words. In school, most children don't start first grade until age 6, which in many cases is nearly 7. And they don't really learn to "read" in kindergarten, beyond cvc and a bunch of sight words.
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