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That's wonderful! I love to read positive stories like yours!
I think the writing is on the wall. I think a lot of people have bought into this idea, and more is coming. Fifty years ago, K was optional, now it is unheard of to not "need" K. Now it is considered homeschooling to not go to pre-K. Pre-K is all day, and some states are pushing for universal preschool at 3. There is an agenda out there to have most kids in non-parent care from early ages. This is just an example IMO.
If you read Charlotte Mason she does suggest 4-6 hours a day for young children. The book it is discussed in, is children up to age 9. This is not for nature study so much. She just believed children benefitted from free outdoor play and lots of fresh air, as far as I understand it. The nature study with the notebooking would be the once a week thing, right? However, she also says up to 6 hours a day when there is good weather, from April to September. It is hard to...
My 4 year old can be wiggly, but often he is listening to the story while he is playing or doing something else. As long as he is playing quietly, I keep reading. I can usually tell when he has had enough and we stop. Or, I get to the end of a chapter, or other long segment, and I ask him if he would like me to read more, or should we save it for next time. We read most of Little House in the Big Woods and some of the second book, but there have been many other books...
Quote: Originally Posted by elizawill . http://www.coreknowledge.org/CK/resrcs/lessons/K.htm these are unit studies also. they have pre-k to the left. Wow, this one looks great but does anyone else find this really intimidating for a kindergarten curriculum? Should not have looked, I have the "yes I'm really and truly going to be homeschooling my child" jitters.
I picked intellectual, but that's not really true. I vote for happy, caring, self-confident, person who has the ability to do something he loves and also support himself. I would like to give him the options of being comfortable in an intellectual setting, as well as becoming a highly paid professional, if that is what he wants for his life. I don't think those are my goals, but I want to give him the background to have as many options as possible.
I don't understand why someone would want to label themselves with anything, in the first place? I feel like I got way over that after the infancy stage with my first kid.
Lots of library books, fiction and nonfiction as interested. And lots of child-sized practical life stuff, LOTS of time outside, digging in the garden, playing in dirt and water, painting, scribbling. Make bread, muffins, cookies. Have them help chop vegetables with a butter knife. Visit lots of different places if you can--a farm, stores, museums, aquariums, zoos, an airport. At 2 the more experiences they have, the better. IMO at this age there is absolutely no need for...
Quote: Originally Posted by zeldamomma I think the social needs of preschoolers are wildly exaggerated. ITA. I wasn't worried about academics for preschool at all, but there was this whole fear thing about deficiency in "social skills" if a child did not attend preschool. Well, my visits to a number of preschools, put my mind at ease. With ratios of 8-10 to 1 teacher, there is no way the kids are going to be taught social skills as well as...
Quote: Originally Posted by andreac Here you go: Yarn Mop Sponge Mop Mop Bucket That site has child sized everything! I love this site, but I would not recommend this mop! The handle broke pretty quickly. I am going to try off the sawed-off larger version, next.
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