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  I just O'd today so  I will attempt to keep the rest of you ladies away however I'm not all that great at convincing myself these days 
Are there any mommas near the Santa Rosa Beach area of FL? I am a SAH/WFHM of a 4yr old and would love to meet some momma's in the area.
Hi there :) I am in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. I lived in the area about 2yrs ago and just moved back about two weeks ago and I'm having the same issues. My son has been raised in NC for the the past two years and we had no problem with delaying vax there. Here on the other hand seems to be an issue. I will be watching this thread closely to see what can be found :)
I am living in Santa Rosa Beach and I have been looking at South Walton Montessori Academy. My fiance and I have scheduled a tour coming up in the next few weeks but I am sure that this will be our choice. I have just moved from the Raleigh, NC area to join my fiance and I have been impressed with the school so far. What area of Santa Rosa Beach will you be in?   BTW I have a 4yr old son and TTC :)
I am a single mother and would like to have a vacation in Italy near some tourist attractions but very inexpensively. I would be travelling with just my son and I does anyone have any recommendations on where to stay or where to find the information. Thank you, Stephanie
I have been using coconut oil on both my son and my own hair for the past year and half. It is best when used before shampooing and then using a very light shampoo afterwards. We use Dr. Brommer's in my home I dilute it for us both to be even more gentle. I would NOT recommend it on the skin however because it deplenishes the body's abilty to make its own natural oils and causes the skin to become dry once you stop using it much like baby oil. Had to learnt that lesson...
Thank you so much for the advice! I know that I'm going to be strapped for cash when starting this program but I have to wonder if I have the time to look at other options because I want to be able to start a program this year.
I am currently going through the process of applying to Midwifery College of Utah and was wondering if there are any others who are attending. I have just begun the search for an apprenticeship near Lakeland, FL. I plan to get my license in another state but complete everything here so that I will be closer to family. I know that the cost of school can be very daunting and I'm trying to get over that factor so that I can get on with my dream of becoming a midwife. I...
I am looking to become an apprentice or assistant to a seasoned midwife in the Lakeland or Tampa area of Florida. I would greatly appreciate any information that anyone can give me. Thank you in advance, Stephanie
I am new to the Crestview area and am looking to meet some crunchy moms like myself. So far I've only met the few people that I've been working with in the Ft.Walton Beach Medical Center. My son is 8months and steady growing like a weed. I would love to get to know some people from the area
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