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I finished a couple more.. Two hair accessories for my oldest   A purse and change pouch       13/52 :)
I got a bunch of projects done: a kercheif for bad hair days a hat/cowl set for DD1, DD2 and DS a hat for DD3 a scarf for my brother and another for my father a cat bed   so its 11/52
Time to get the house clean.. again.. Need to do: -clean living room -clean my room -clean girls room -1 more load of dishes -lots of laundry, its taken over my kitchen again - take the children's rocking chair back out to the porch -work on birthday gifts, two birthdays coming up in less than 2 weeks.   Thats about it I think..
Finished 4 little bags yesterday for Valentines Day..   So now Im at 5/52
Thanks.. its super soft and the girls love them.. I finished the second one this afternoon (so Im at 4 out of 52) and used the leftover pinkish yarn to make the beginnings of a purse for DD2.
Ok posting the goals for the rest of the month: 1) finish shawl Im making for DD1's birthday Finished one last night when I was up with the kids.. I also decided to do another one and use them as part of their Easter outfits instead of for birthdays. 2) finish the barn purse (DD1's birthday) 3) finish horse (DD1's birthday) 4) finish jean skirt (DD1's birthday) 5) finish dress (DD1's birthday) 6) monster (DS's birthday)   Got a ton to do for birthdays but...
Clutter Yay for a laundry room and for not having to make dinner
Finished 2 projects.. First stitch markers   And a shawl for me   So 2/52, need to work on birthday gifts now.
I actually keep boxed mashed potatoes in the cupboard for those times that I just don't have the time to make the potatoes from scratch. I figure its better than fast food.
Angel, that yarn is beautiful :)
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