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Isa- I love the curls! Yesterday I just relaxed.. Woke up to a case of mastisis (get it at least a couple times each baby) so I spent the day in bed reading to the children and knitting.. Feeling a bit better today but still tired.. Also, its my birthday so today is going to be a light day.. Not sure what Ill be doing.
Got two knitted gift card holders done yesterday. One is for DH's aunt and the other DH's uncle (not married to each other ) Today Im finishing up some scarves for the children. PomPom scarves, so simple and quick to do!
Finished 2 knitted gift card holders yesterday.. Two Christmas presents down, too many more to go
Got the living room and kitchen done then fed the children.. Now Im going to have a snack and take a break eta: Just realized Im ALMOST DONE with what I had planned to do today Im going to finish up with the fabric after the break, do school time with the kids and spend time knitting/playing with the children for the rest of the day done with the fabric and rotated/folded and put away a load of laundry. Finished school as well. Now Im going to take another break
Got the back of the house cleaned up, now Im going to go cuddle the baby a bit and relax.. Then Im working on the living room and kitchen
Ive been slacking majorly over here Not really, just been busy with the children. Got to get a few things done today.. Hoping to get done: -laundry.. a ton- done two loads so far - finish cleaning my room, need to vacuum and move the laundry to the kitchen - girls room, need to pick up the stuffed animals and vacuum - playroom, pick up the toys and vacuum - vacuum the hall - pick up the living room and vacuum - dishes - wipe down sink - go through fabric in bedroom - get...
What is everyone's crafting plans for the rest of the year??   I have to get Christmas and birthday presents done.. We are visiting DH's family in upstate New York during Christmas so I need to get scarves/hats made for then (I'm just buying the gloves! I truly dislike making gloves). I have a TON to get done but a good majority of it won't get done. I did pick easy presents to do for his grandparents/aunt/uncle that DH can do instead of having me do them. Hes going...
I need to get myself to do things today, I took the last two days "off"..   Im breaking things down into lists of 10 so its not so overwhelming. I made 1 big "weekend to do" list so I don't have to think of what to do the next few days:   First group: Do dishes wipe down counters make bread dough sweep kitchen floor make cinnamon rolls wash baking dishes rotate laundry Hem b-day dress cut out bday skirt sew birthday skirt
I use vinegar and water to clean my fridge.. I haven't unplugged a fridge to clean it with the exception of when I was in the military living in the barracks.. The freezer was part of the fridge and needed to be defrosted and cleaned out every week to pass inspection. I thought it was silly then and I haven't done it since I got out of the barracks.
rere- you didn't chase me away :) Morning sickness sucked this pregnancy and then mini person 4 has been keeping me pretty busy. She nurses at least 8 hours each day (and Im not kidding, shes already gained several inches and pounds within the 3 weeks shes been alive!) so between that and homeschooling and the other three Im pretty busy!
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