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Welcome Grace and Simon and Congratulations to both the mothers.
sooo, I got zero done this weekend.. Like less than nothing actually.. This week I need to bust my tushy and get things ready for the baby (Im 38 weeks now!)   Mondays "hopefully Ill do" list.. Umm make that Wednesdays Help DD1 finish sewing the kitty she is making for the baby coming home outfit for baby plain black skirt for baby for sibling pictures jean skirt for my oldest help girls finish the knot blanket they are making for the baby Quick clean...
Congratulations Hibucus! Shes adorable!   Diaper bags- I have a JuJuBe bag that hubby got me when he got tired of me going through bags left and right. Its great but BIG.. Its great for when we are going to be out all day or when we are going to church (and I have books/toys/snacks for everyone in it) but for a trip to the store its overkill.. So, I'm making myself a smaller diaper bag. Its on my giant "I have to get this done soon" list of things to do.   38...
Im so sorry!
Today hubby's work had a family day so we had hotdogs, hamburgers, beans and potato salad..
yay, almost got yesterday's list done.
So still working on yesterdays list.. On the bright side Im ALMOST caught up on the laundry and that includes washing all the baby clothing.
I still haven't done anything! I need to get moving.. Im going to try to deep clean both bathrooms and do a quick clean around the house.. First set of things to do:   Master Bathroom: organize drawers organize under sink organize medicine chest organize soaps and extra things laying around scrub toilet/floor/shower wash rugs wash walls   pick up the master bedroom pick up the playroom pick up the girls room rotate laundry   2nd set of...
We are taking this week off.. DD1 needed to get glasses (I went to the eye doctor for her as a hunch since she was struggling) and I didn't feel right about having her do bookwork and thus straining her eyes more. 2 more weeks then we are taking 15 days off for the baby (Im due first week of October).. DD1 is enjoying herself though, its fun to watch her learn new things
Chore.. yea.. I need to get on those. The house is a disaster!
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