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 my 8-in-three-weeks 2nd grader could not read that.  Maybe he SHOULD be able to -- but i can tell you he'd not be able to do it
I am 41.   I realize that the rate of birth effects, especially Downs, really skyrockets after 40.   We have two boys -- in less than a month they will 6 and 8 -- how THAT happened i am not really sure.   Dh and are currently CTA -- but i am really thinking about TTC   thoughts on TTC after 40.   i have a few dear friends that have birthed after 40 (after 42 in one case) but all of the babies have been surprises -- not planned.   not sure how i feel about...
We will be living for the next 12 month in Larado TX.   I have been looking for any home school support i can find -- yahoo group, co-op etc and i am falling on my face.   I am just tossing this out here -- if anyone is from south TX or has any links or contracts for me, that would rock.   I'd love to see the boys in a co-op for the next school year :)  at the very least i'd like to find some other homeschoolers in the area
thanks everyone
be back soon 
I am Aimee   We have two biological boys and in March we will be applying foster2adopt.  we started the cerfication process in IA.  but had to stop when this move came up -- in March we reach our "new post" (we are on temp right now) and will start the process in MO.   I am not sure what road we will end up taking.  this has been a long road.  we apply to adopt IA from India in 2004 then got preggo AMA.  we applied to be forster parents in IA in 2008 and then...
i am anxious to hear how this all plays out!  :)
  THAT   I am so excited for you!
yes i am a tad nervous about what my 5 and 7 year will say -- but i suspect they will talk about about superheros and not really answer the questions.  :)  
queenjane -- visit before Christmas??  how is it going??
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