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that is my worry -- he'll died or not want to go forward LOL
that is so awsome.  stories like this keep me positive :)  I am so excited for you!!
is asking about your sex life (like if you watch porn) a COMMON thing in home studys -- i think DH might faint!
i have been reading old treads, to have something to do :) and i have read a number of people commenting on the homestudy and feeling it was "invasive" on some level .....so tell me about it -- how deeply into your past do they go?  What do they generally ask?   i don't suppose there is a website anywhere of what the normal questions are?   Aimee 
ideally I'd like us to be in the bedroom next to the boys and the 3rd (other side of the living room) be "empty / foster / guest" untill we got a placement -- then we'd move to the far bedroom (again, just across the living room).  the 3rd room doesn't have a closet.  i got the house check list from the recruiment worker and if says stuff about space and bed and dresser space and space for their stuff but it doesn't say they have to have a claset.   i am wondering if...
i could use some input from all the foster parents here on my thread -- http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1369629/other-foster-families-what-have-you-done-re-setting-up-a-room-that-might-not-be-used-for-a-long-time =-- about setting up a bedroom
Other foster families what have you done re: setting up a room that might not be used for a long time   We will be moving in to a house in March and applying to foster (and adopt).   It is a 3 bedroom; so no problem us in one, boys in one and one open for foster care.   My question is this:  did you  have a fully set up bedroom for your foster child/ren that just sat empty until you had a placement.  I understand we doing training and then waiting for a...
i am reading Another Place at the Table.   I have on hold:  The Connected Child and Orphans of the Living.   trying to feel construvtive in temp houseing, just waiting
thanks, there went my afternoon... :)
:)   i need reading material .....  
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