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I can't wait to get into our house in march.  I THINK we are going to be able to live in my childhood home.  my folks are looking to close on a new house Dec 20th.  Dad says it would be silly for us to rent a differnt house (still waiting on our home to sell) so we MAY be living in the house i grew up in.  I needs some work -- we'd do that -- and i can't wait to get started, but, again, we are not there till March.  I am starting a reading list and going to start working...
i thought there used to be a sticky at the told of the 'folder' with resources -- i don't see it any more...???
We are finally set to move to our forever home March on 2013.  we wioll apply to be foster parents in March, i am not sure how long the process will take, from taking to a worker in MO I think a long time.   I have been, for years, saving book recomadation of the board here, a couple of yahoo groups, and also all the IA agencies i have researched -- so i have made myself a "TO READ"...
just spinning my wheels here.  can't apply till we move into MO in March...   so what have the rest of you "spent your time on" while waiting.   yes i have the boys (or course :) ) and we home school ... but i just feel like i should be doing SOMETHING
Thanks Ladies, oi a, just starting to get excited
Where in MO are you?  We will be moving home in Feb and applying to be a foster to adopt family in March, i am so excited
we are applying to foster to adopt in MO in March -- can you tell me more about "so much to do"?
we are on a short term assingment in GA.  we will be moving to MO on March 1 and that is "where we will be".  Once there we are applying to be a foster to adopt family.   we can't apply or do anything else right now.   so i am looking for anything i can do to "feel like" i am doing something   yes, kinda silly, but i need to occupy my mind in some way besides photoslistings    So, come on foster parents -- how can i spend my time  more constructivly -- what...
Thanks ladies we are back at it -- actually we never stopped but we have had to be on hold.  :)   We actually applied for IA in 04 then got preggo in 05 and again in 07 (the first was AMA the 2nd planned) we started to train as foster parent in 10 and then got put on the move list for DH's work.   we moved away from Iowa in Oct and are in temp houseing, on a short term assingment, till Feb 22.     in March of 13 we will be in our new home state of...
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