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I have talked on PM with one mom that fostered to adopt via Missiouri foster care.   I'd love to connect with other Missiouri foster parents.     we will be moving home to SWMO at the end of Feb and applying to train as foster to adopt parents in March.   I am so excited and would love someone there to talk to   Aimee
to be honest my biggest concern is finding a country that with my medication. Next is choseing a respected agency.
we do not qual for China, due to my medic what agency should i look at for Thiland?
Thanks now to find an IA program we qualify for -- that was the saving grace of FTA -- easier to qual for. :)
 Ita !!!!!!!having a sexualy abused child, or ANY foster childin the home is a whole new ball of wax, it really changes things
thanks everyone. i am still not sure where we stand i fear that in foster care we are never going to be "staffed" as the best family for a child since DH is already 46 and I am 40 and we have 2 kids. i know that even certified forst to adopt and willing to foster the workers are still "choosing" from a pool of families and the higher up in MO that I talked to admitted to me there is a large pool seeking 1 or 2 girls in the toddler (or younger) up to pre-school age -- it...
we first started our IA research in 2005. in 2012 (Jan) we might actually officially start the process. (that or it will be foster to adopt) it seems to me, if you hang out on yahoo groups, and message boards eventually every agency out there has people that are unhappy. i get that, if people have a bad adoption experience, for most any reason, they are likely to have hard feeling towards their agency espoically is the agency could not smooth over the issues. so my...
can i pick your brain? DH and I planned to adopt even befpore we got engaged. in 2005 we were all set to start an IA adoption of a SN girl from India -- before we signed offically I got preggo with #1. after that we decided to have #2 biologically soon so that they'd be close together. #2 was boon in 2007. in 2008 we filled out application, did finger prints and got accepted by Iowa to start faster parent traning. we enrolled in a class but did not start; the month of...
have you joined all the yahoo groups you can find?   I belong to waiting to adopt and to adopting older kids (doesn't apply to you) there is a LOT of networking in the yahoo gorups -- you might look there.   tell everyone at church too --
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