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we will not be moving till end of summer, or even fall, but I called the 1-800 number in MO ( for http://www.adoptex.org/site/PageServer since our hope is foster to adopt, and frankly I had troube actually figureing out the right person).   the very nice lady e-mailed me the intro packet (most of which i already have read and "know" from my past) and the contact numbers for the county DH's new office will be in.  Hard thing is MO is all country based (IA is regon) so...
Good Luck
i don't know.  we did not finish our IA certification due to the impeanding move.  But I was told, in person, by the "recruiter" that I was working with that:   1.  biological sibs of the same gender in foser care together were allowed to share a room but not a bed (we had a crib and a double in the room); 1.5 brothers and sisters are NOT alloowed to share a room over 2 years of age 2.  that a foster child of the same gender could not share a room with our bilogical...
throw out all the ideas you can -- the idea of chooseing the adgency is a big 'big' to me LOL --- seems like such a rool of the dice and so much a chance to be like "well if we had made a better choice .....known then what we know now ...." -- i mean no system is perfect but here (iowa) that element doesn't seem as 'big' since all FP go to an adgency based on only location .. yk?   Thanks for teh on going support
foster kids, of the same gender, can share a room (based on size requirments) but can not share a room with a bio child of the family.  strange i know -- but that is how it was explained to me regarding the rules here.   oh and NO bed shareing -- evning sibs of the same gender in care together can not bed share -- all must have their own bed -- crib, toddler, twin or what have you --
in our local state there is no choice, FP are assinged to an adgency contracted by the state based on location.   we are moving to MO and it is my understanding in  MO the PF chooses the adgency they want to work with / though   how in the world does a FP make such a choice?   you do NOT need to be in MO -- just be in a state where you had to choose your own adgency...   Thanks
thanks everyone!!! :)
DH finally got approavel from the big boss is St L that they are willing to move him from IA to MO.  no set time line on it big boss has to do a bunch of hoops to get the move 'done' then DH is also going to have to tranfer all her work here to other's in the offer.   However we are moving, we shall be listing the house ASAP and making planns accordingly.   so as soon as we get moved, we;ll rent a 3+ bedroom so that we have a bedroom for certification.   I am...
what I know from our state.  I have hade many looong discussion and DH and I were approved to do MAPP training, though did not enroll and are now starting over.  :)   I was also a foster mom in 2 other states.    
to do a private adoption via an adgency.  to be matched with an expectant mom that is making an adoption plan?    
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