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don't mean to steal the thread -- Lillian I was trying to find you blog -- with all the articials and links and activities -- i can't find it ... ??
seems like i have read about a book / workbook for art.   it goes though differnt styles (and maybe famous artists??) and talks about them a bit, has examples and then has projects for the kids to do in that style?   any ideas?   Aimee
my oldest (kindy in the fall) goes to preschool once a week (as done DS2) for speech services and so on -- i view it as a 3 hours play date once a veek i do not go to -- they do art, they snack and he goes to ST 2x.  It is a play activity for him, there is no school in it.    he has asked about why he doesn't go each day liek the rest of the class; I tell him parents make the school choices and Daddy and i feel you are best at home, there are a number of reasons (I some...
ITA   I decied and I just do -- one day I announced "Bible Time" and one day i said "come see this ....you get to choose an activity"   i find it is 97% ME and not so much them
LOL   sorry i had to laugh.  :)    ok i am feeling pretty ok -- about his standing.   i think it is time to jump into it -- but at least he is not tooo far bahind    
Ah Spring.   One one hand i seem to have a better hand on some of the SN issues, on the other they seems more pent up and wild.  LOL   I am working on kidy for Ds1, but DS2 is 23 months behind him, so I am not going any place soon!   staying and sane and accompliushing somethign -- LOL -- i stuggle with that so much.  I know DS1 is capable of certain things, but he gets sooooooooooooo silly and "creative" (uh silly / stupid) it makes me fustrated.   I am...
Money.   My DS1 is 4 months past 5; and is for the first time earning money (1/2 save and 1/2 to spend).   Also we;'ve been sorting coins and so on   He is pretty clueless.  But that is Momma, i just never talk about it with him --   wondering where his peers stand
missing you all -- let's post more :)
thanks, making the move less stressful :0)
yes i am planning for fall -- but i am looking at kindy -- so i am here to take notes, in gernal, on love and hates and thoughts -- i can't say there is anything i regret buysiung at this point LOL 
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