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soft star!!!  
HI KISMET!   I don't have a lot of real advice but I can commiserate as I worry terribly about how my 19mo eats too! (he has always been on the thin side anyway)  He is still BF as well and this def helps me to feel better about his nutritional intake. I try and remind myself of the things I've read about toddlers' eating habits that I am sure you have read as well. For example toddlers are PICKY and one day they like something and the next day they don't!  Plus they...
Soft-Star shoes are my all time favorite shoe for DS right now.  They are handmade and come in narrow width. They are also made in the US with no plant based dyes, formaldehyde free leather and they even use green power.  They have vegan shoes too.    LOVE EM!!!  
Ds is getting a cold I think is it ok to give him this? If so how much? The tea we have has over 1000 mg per tea bag/cup.
from kellymom.com: Pediatricians now recommend that any cow's milk be whole milk from a cup after the first year and until the child is at least 2 years of age. This ensures that your child receives enough fat, which is essential to proper brain development. After the age of two, if growth is good, you can switch to low-fat or nonfat milk. Note: If your child is nursing, then remember that mom's milk is "whole" milk - the more breastmilk your child gets, the less need...
is she nursing?  if she is atleast 3-4 times a day you don't really need to offer cow's milk. However milk fat is extremely important for brain development. I've heard if they are not nursing they need cow's milk or formula till 2 years of age.
Quote: Originally Posted by confustication We like to take the kids trick-or-treating at the nursing home. It's so good for some of the older folks to see life and still be a part of it all. Of course, since I also have an older kid, the littles will go with us- probably in their wagon. Ds 1 will be Captain Kirk, DS 2 will be Spock. I am working on turning the wagon into the Enterprise. ok that is a great idea!!
we officially have a toddler. can i just say, cutest. thing. ever? he started on his first b-day 09/19 and hasn't looked back. he is walking more than he crawls. toddle indeed! lol halloween, meh. maybe we will maybe not.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bmorefarmgirl right before my homebirth midwife sent me to the hospital with my 24-hour urine sample, she said, "i want to talk about your diet when we meet again." i was admitted to the hospital and had a c-section 8 days later at 33 weeks. i had gained 25 pounds in one week, and she wanted to lecture me about my diet. i would think that a health care professional would know that even a hungry pregnant woman would have a...
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