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thanks everyone, i do feel encouraged. this whole vaccine thing is so controversial on both sides. you listen to either camp and it sounds right. i mean i like DR. Sears for the most part and i think he genuinely believes in the vaccines. i am a new mom and overprotective so i tend to worry a lot about whether we are making the right decision regarding our choice not to vax. i mean God forbid the unmentionable happened. being a parent is tough.
Quote: Originally Posted by chellebee In terms of 'nutrition' the biggest link I have seen is vitamin D levels. I say nutrition because for many of us we get D mostly in the form of a supplement. There is a correlation between low D and PE. Interestingly enough, the pacific northwest has some of the highest levels of PE and also tests the lowest for vitamin D. I have to wonder if folks at The Farm are getting more D due to location and therefore not...
Quote: Originally Posted by texmati octobermoon, i just wanted to give you a hug! I hope that you are healing well. thank you
hi everyone! it's been a looooong while since i've posted on here. i have lurked though. i wanted to just pop in for a bit and hang out. i can't believe our babies are turning one so suddenly! crazy, crazy. how time flies. seems a few of you are talking about the next baby already. we've talked here too but i don't think we are quite ready yet. anyway Amiel is doing well. he's learning something new everyday it seems and i love watching him grow. he's cruising a...
UGH i could have written this post pretty much. i have a 10month old as well. i'm starting some night weaning techniques tonight. :yawning maybe if i break him of the boob it may help. i'm going crazy. the thing is he technically he STTN. he goes to bed at 8 and then sleeps about 5 hours. then from like 1-2 am till 8 am he kicks and fidgets and wants boob the rest of the morning.
This is so stuck. in. my. head. It really bothers me, i'm scared to put him in childcare now but there is atleast one time per week where this would really benefit me and my family. I want to do what's best for my son. He is BF for most of his calories at this point (he's 10mos.) so I feel good about that. He is around children often. He's been sick 3Xs already twice with a cold this past winter and then most recently he had something with a high fever (103+) not sure...
ok so i read through some of the thread. and i really want to know what people like myself who aren't vaxing think.
thanks! i was wondering if it had been discussed. didn't have time to search. busy 10 mo old.
i barked at my MW it felt like the whole time, she kept trying to touch me, break my water etc.... she didn't do anything i didn't want. i could tell though at the end she was annoyed and said something about the tearing and the fact i wouldn't let her support my perineum. IDK if i should have let her support it or not i probably had already torn by that point. i just kind of did what i felt was right at the time. apparently i may have messed up. don't know.
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