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it does not look like a lateral incisor or a canine at all. i suppose it's a possibility but the bottom part of the tooth is in and it *really *looks like a central incisor. it looks pretty large for a baby tooth as well. i know i shouldn't worry about it as it is a baby tooth but i do all the same. i googled a little and found that baby teeth often come in crooked and then straighten out. but sheesh i mean it's so far over that i can't see how this could straighten.
it appears that my son's emerging top front incisor is positioned extremely far over to the side. like in the position of the canine. might he have very crooked teeth? has this happened to anyone? anybody know anything about teeth?
Biased, the list is totally biased. i think it's annoying.
OK cool. so what do you mamas recommend from these brands? seems like the BabyHawk is highly favored around here. i am mainly interested in the high back carry for my 7mo old. i have some back problems and i thought about a wrap too as i loved my Moby. i'm so indecisive.
does this exist? thanks.
we have one, i wasn't impressed. like others have mentioned it was not even with our mattress, my back hurt trying to lift DS out in the middle of the night while lying down. it just did not seem like an extension of the bed at all. plus DS and i preferred to be together. we used it a few times and then it was a storage compartment. on another subject......i have to laugh though cause i got this same advice before i had my baby and i got the thing anyway and NOW i am...
it's a very personal choice. you'll find as stated some like one over the other so you may just have to try them both. i HATE, HATE the ring sling. a hotsling i can handle now that DS is 7 mos old but i didn't really care for that when he was too young for the hip carry. on the other hand I LOVE the wrap.
For how long? How often? With whom...etc. If BF do you pump?
a change in CM was definitely the first clue for me, i was also extremely fatigued and a bit irritable. too i think DS was acting a strangely, i'm not sure if this is connected but i wondered if it could be the shift in my hormones affecting the breast milk? don't know. i've had two pp AFs now! i envy you. on another subject though my cycle has changed for the better. no cramps, lighter flow, i'm happy about this.
i think the baby has to have good head support and upper body strength. i think you'll be able to tell if baby is ready by trying it out. DS is 7 months and we started the hip carry around 6 mos. we use a Hotsling for the hip carry.
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