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I saw this and was really annoyed, I thought the Dr. was rude for the whole show, but the breastfeeding comment was just ignorant. I'm a teen mom and am still breastfeeding my son who recently turned 2 although i honestly would never admit that im still nursing him to ANY of my peers (besides my bf) because they looked at me like i was crazy for not stopping after a few months. I really hated the show 16 and pregnant, but unfortunaltley got addicted to it, because i...
i nurse my son in the car all the time...for me its just easier to relax and my son doesn't get distracted and pop off. if i'm going somewhere i just nurse him in the car before i go in and when i get out.
I live in Mass and just voted. It's 66% yes now.
wow thats so awful
thats so sad...that poor baby girl
my baby and i belong here too..our thrush came back recently but were gunna beat it for good this time!
did you already have an open cut before you got it?
ok i will definately get some. i must say after reading one of those links about the families battling MRSA for years with no luck im even more scared than before. btw ron pauls awsome (your siggy)
thankyou so much for all of the info! I really appreciate it, also what is borax?
they cut out the infected skin, put him on oral antibiotics and sent him home that day.
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