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I have a suse's deluxe kinder coat. cost about 250$ and keeps us warm in our winters that can get as cold as -40c.
fan of boba and mothering on Facebook.
my favorite thing about babywearing is having baby so close for non-stop snuggles!
valentine's isn't a huge deal around here but since i've been spending too much time on pinterest lately... the girls have made a couple of fun crafts and we'll make beet pancakes for supper with a baked s'more dessert.  at the older girls request, we'll have a fancy dinner with all of us in our fanciest clothes and a candle lit ambiance.  probably end off with a family cuddle and story books.
I'm in a similar boat!  dd3 usually only has an afternoon nap so I try to get her down whie the other two are eating lunch.  ths was working very well for a while but now dd3 is taking longer to  sleep and the others finish eating before she's settled and I'm left with no sleeping kids!  hugs to you; it's hard!
my last name is extremely common in the area that i live in and is the last name of a gold medal olympian.  i live in the same city where said olympian was born and raised; heck, i live in her neighbourhood!  i still have to spell my last name! (it's klassen for those that just have to know!)
I very nearly saw a little boy get hit when he crossed the street from between two cars and a car going the other way sped passed since he wanted to capitalize on his opportunity of an opening.  had I been at work (hospital) I would have filed a near miss report.  he was literally inches from being hit.  I had quite a chat with the principal that day.
this was one of my biggest concerns about dd starting school this year!  she qualifies for bussing (based on distance between home and school) but I drive her to school in te morning and she buses home at lunchtime (2.5 hour school day).  the reason I do drive her is because the bus wants to pick her up at 7:18am,get her to school before 8:00;  bell doesn't ring until 8:20!  no way is that going to happen!  however, driving her is every bit as crappy as I thought it...
four months is no time at all; your body is still recovering.  i know that it feels like forever, but it is really not!  think of how much your little one has changed in four months and how fast that has gone! as far as what to do, nutrition is 80-90% of the equation.  seriously, clean eating and portion mindfulness.  the other part is resistance training and short burst cardio intervals.  i workout for 90 minutes a week, in my own home with dumbbells or body weight...
I carried dd2 on my back in a mei tai during winter when she was around the same age.  her and I would each dress as usual for being outside and then I just tied her onto my back.  seem to work decently.
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