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OMG, YES! I even thought about posting about it here yesterday but figured most of the replies would be critical of me. Long story short, my daughter has a friend who is a few years younger and lives in our neighborhood. The child just turned 8 yrs old a few weeks ago. The child got an electric scooter over the summer and also had an iPhone (one of her parents older ones, I think). However, all of this for a then 7 year old. So this same child just got another new...
No bad gifts for me or anyone in my house . About the strangest thing that happened was my daughter bought a gift for my husband, me and her brother and they have disappeared. 3 gifts that nobody can find in a clean house. Weird. So if they ever turn up, it'll be exciting!  
Merry Christmas! I love the Dr/Nurse outfit!  
No real traditional meal for us, just whatever we have available. We have been known to dine out in years past but tonight hubby and I made: Creamy Polenta with Gorgonzola cheese and mushrooms and red peppers (served over rice) Roasted asparagus with garlic Homemade applesauce Sangria -
Bolded the part I wanted to address...My family is fortunate to not have any money worries. That said, we buy probably 70% of our household items, including canned goods, as generic store brands. There is nothing embarrassing about it so I hope you don't feel that way. I can't imagine anyone, including a food pantry, would ever judge you for buying generic brands. If anything, it seems like good money management to me. My store brand toilet paper double roll 4 pack...
A beautiful Victorian Santa in a long pink and golden tapestry robe.  
Ummm, yeah, I was wondering that too.
Hey everyone, I could be waaaaay off here but I'm guessing the OP posted this to show the hypocrisy in the male vs female circ argument. Maybe like how it's ridiculous to circ a baby boy because his dad or grandfather had a problem. IDK.
I've been a nurse for over 17 years and I was a nurse's aide several years before that. Before that even I worked in medical records, mainly filing surgical and lab reports. So...22+ years in the medical profession. I've worked in home health (bathed lots of old men), adult medical/surgical hospital nurse, a step-down unit (think "nursing home" in a hosp. setting), a doctor's office, pediatrics, maternity/OB nurse in a hospital. I did an entire summer clinical rotation...
I agree w/ almost everything zinemama said except for the friends comfort level with you. That might be true but it might also be that they were already planning on keeping their son intact so they felt no response was necessary. Like if someone had sent me an article on the benefits of breastfeeding I doubt I'd feel the need to respond back with "of course I already knew that and I'm planning on breastfeeding". However, chances are high that they circumcised their boys...
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