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I don't think it's that unusual. My son was about 2 1/2 - 3 yrs when he was fully retractable and nobody ever messed w/ him.
I worked in OB for 10 years and yes, people put a ton of wreaths, banners, "stuff" all over their doors. Stuff like this: http://cristysbabywreaths.blogspot.com/ and this - http://www.etsy.com/listing/71056828/custom-boutique-baby-wreaths-birth . Our gift shop even sold wreaths with "praying bears" with folded hands what said a prayer when you pushed a button. So, I don't know why you couldn't put up some pro-intact message. Maybe something simple and to the point like...
We have 3 cats currently and  I've had cats my whole life. My best guess is I spend about $60 - $70 a month on all three. They eat Iams and we have 3 littler boxes that we fill w/ scoopable litter (but we use a generic brand that saves about $20/month over name brand).  They have scratching posts that use that corrugated cardboard that we replace every few months (maybe $10 each). Catnip and moist treats - about $4 every few months. I buy them collars and pet tags...
Albuquerque,  NM   Sept. 5 Austin, TX - Sept. 7     http://www.cutthefilm.com/Cut_Website/Home.html   http://www.thewholenetwork.org/cut-tour-locations.html    
Thanks for responding. I just used the link. It tells me it's a landline but it wants to charge me to tell me who owns it. Oh well!
Does anyone know of an actual free reverse phone # service? I've been searching and every link I try that says free actually charges $. TIA!
Don't worry about it being in the wrong forum. I'm sure a moderator can move it for you (or you could copy & paste into another forum and just delete this one). Good luck to you and your son. I hope you can get some answers.  
 How many times have we heard of a doctor retracting (or trying to in this case) a boy because they have never been taught any better? Numerous times that I can remember. I'm guessing this mama was scared and was only trying to educate the doctor in order to prevent any boys from being harmed. I don't think she should have written the hospital but she did and calling her names isn't going to change that. IDK, I guess the OP got her feelings a little hurt that she was...
This is for only her to read: http://www.udonet.com/circumcision/vincent/vulnerability_of_men.html .  
Mare54, I think you are doing a great job and I appreciate your enthusiasm! Don't worry about the online hostility and defensiveness. You will never save all boys from routine circ. Forget about the negativity from those pregnant woman and focus on the comments you didn't hear. It's quite possible your post lead to one, two or twenty different women learning something about foreskin or at least nudging them info researching more about circ. You might have helped save a...
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