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"You know, when I found out I was having a boy I was planning on having him circumcised. When I was researching the different methods I found out there are lots of complications from the procedure and that the foreskin actually has a function. My doctor said circumcision isn't necessary and about half the boys aren't circed nowdays. All of that lead me to change my mind about circ and I'm glad I left my son intact. I hope you'll research it too."   None of that is...
Congratulations on your pregnancy, mama!   I think if a doctor made a comment about my son being intact and made a note on the chart I would have said "He has all the toes and earlobes he was born with also. Don't forget to document that in his record, as well"!    
I like the Stanford Medical site because nobody can say their site is "fanatically anti-circ" since they do in fact perform circs. But their site list possible complications and has a video of an infant circ.   http://newborns.stanford.edu/CircComplications.html All three of the techniques on that site have a video at the bottom of the page:  http://newborns.stanford.edu/Gomco.html   I also really...
Congratulations on your new baby! There is a wide degree of normal for foreskin appearance so I don't think you should necessarily worry about the opening. On occasion, some boys are even born with a fully retractable foreskin, although most are not. If the redness worries you, you can put a little breast milk on it and see if that helps. Otherwise, I'd just keep an eye on it during diaper changes.  
Mare54, I sent you a private message. But just know anything you say about circ or any info you can distribute helps educate people on their options!
Awesome news! It sounds like your doctors and hospital are great. Congratulations on your new baby!
You can also call up your local hospital's newborn nursery and tell them due to your convictions you are looking for a doctor who refuses to perform circs. Ask them to provide you w/ names of doctors who won't circ. The nurses in newborn nursery (where the circs are performed either by the OB or the Pedi) will know exactly who doesn't circ.
I disagree that pamphlets aren't effective ways to spread the word. So many times in real life (I worked 10+ years as a maternity nurse) and reading online where people had said if only they knew they had a choice not to circ or the truth about circ vs intactness, they would have left their boy intact. A pamphlet is a wonderful way to let the general public know there is the option of not circumcising. I bought pamphlets in bulk and have left them in various places such...
Hugs to you MeridithA. I also know many loving mothers who circed their sons, many who didn't know they had a choice. That's why I think it's so important that we collectively speak up, speak out about circ. For some, it may just be posting a link on their FaceBook or Twitter. For some, it may be having a heart to heart conversation in person about it. I think it depends on the person's comfort level. For me, I often send literature in the mail (or give it in person)...
Does it itch? Could it be yeast?
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