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Personally, I think I'd leave it alone and see if it will heal itself (the skin will usually reattach, heal and be asymptomatic from everything I've ever read).  I think it will heal up on it's own if it doesn't keep getting retracted. If it still hurts him to pee, he can pee in the bathtub or with his penis submerged in a cup of water.
No, not at all about your boys. I am a bit concerned that your doctor is giving bad advice. Full retraction happens at various times for boys, sometimes not until late teens. As long as your son can pee, that's all his penis needs to do now so it's working just fine. No circumcision is needed.  
Way to go, mama!
Bumping up so maybe someone more knowledgeable than I might respond. I understand why you might worry about a fever but I also know fever could be from various origins (not just a penile infection). Do you think it might be a smegma pearl? Search mothering for smegma pearl - someone had a link w/ photos a while back. Maybe that's all it is.
Honestly? I don't think it will work. I'm a nurse. I've worked in doctors offices. Mail is never opened by doctors. It's opened by a receptionist who will glance at it and consider it "junk" mail and then toss it in the trash. The doctor will never see it or hear about it. Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on the cards or the postage. It's a great idea in theory but I don't think it'll stop any circs or change any minds. I suppose if you knew a doctor socially or...
I like to visit Waxahachie and I don't think it would be a bad place to live at all. I just never got a "crunchy" vibe from the place but all the people are very nice. I just don't want you to have a horrible impression. It's the kind of small town where the neighbors will probably bring over muffins and welcome you when you move in. Many probably leave their front doors and cars unlocked. They'll probably invite you to visit their church and also the ladies Republican...
How did the interview go??? I don't know too much about Dallas or Irving ISD. Honestly, I've never really heard glowing recommendations of either one but people tend to voice complaints more than praises so I'm not sure. I also do not know of Montessori in that area but I'd bet they have them. My oldest went to a wonderful Montessori elementary in Denton county! I also don't know much about neighborhoods in Irving but my husband had an apartment in Irving, near Las...
Thanks for the advice, mamas! I need more info. I found out after I bought the plane tickets that much of the state government is shut down. They won't send me any travel guides and apparently all of the MN state parks are closed.   So please keep the suggestions coming my way!  Thanks!  
So I'm guessing your friends went ahead & circed their boy???   If WHO is pro-circ now, I'm guessing it's because of the Africa/HIV studies (although the way I understand the studies, they are flawed).   On a side note, I just got off the phone with a dear friend who didn't circumcise her son years ago (before I knew her). She called to tell me she is newly pregnant! Yay!!! I'm hoping they have another boy.
Well, Irving itself is very culturally/racially diverse. So, you'll see lots of different people and ideas. Dallas/Fort Worth does have some crunchy "pockets" but it's still relatively conservative. I guess it depends what area of crunchy you're looking for. Some people homeschool but most don't. Public transportation isn't great but I think they are trying to work on it. My husband used to live and work in Irving. He took the bus twice. It took him over 1 hr to get some...
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