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Oh, mama! Hugs to you and your family. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Mamas, I'm flying to Minneapolis in 3 weeks. I've never been there. I will be in the area for 5 days. We'd like to take a day or two and also drive into WI and maybe up to Canada (just to cross the border and use our passports). I have 2 kids (older elementary school aged) and we'd like some suggestions on fun things to see and do. We're excited to get a little respite from the Texas heat. Thanks for any info!
Even if someone doesn't have the money to send a saving penises package, one can always print off a few pages from NoCirc or Intact American and mail it to the person (snail mail) anonymously. What is a stamp, $0.44? It's possible the people who run intactivist websites or Facebook pages might email a link for you also.
I wonder if she didn't realize she had a choice? I've heard people in the past say they weren't given a choice or asked for permission, that the doctors just took the baby and circed them.  Especially since MIL said "you're so lucky that you didn't have to have him circumcised".    
Please tell me you did not join this forum just to try and make a case for circumcision.   Like others have said, we didn't make a choice for our sons. That choice was made by God/nature. Just like they came to us with ears, nipples, toes, eyebrows. The only person who makes a choice about the way the genitals look is the parent who circumcises their son or daughter. My feelings may be different than others here. I am a registered nurse and I've witnessed circumcisions...
Haurelia, I think you did a great job advocating for yourself and your patient. I recently left my job as an OB hosp. nurse because Maternity and Newborn departments were merging to "mother-baby" care. I would have had to at least help w/ circ care, teaching, etc. and I couldn't do that (I think they would have expected me to assist w/ circs also but I'm not 100% on that now). Anyway, I was ready for something else for a while and it just seemed like the right time to...
I saw it on FB and I think it's absolutely wonderful!  
Woohoo! Since it's not medically necessary, all states should drop Medicaid coverage. So happy for CO, now I wish my state of TX would follow.
We've paid $4/hr all the way to $13/hr. Yes, I think it usually depends on the # of kids.
Mama, have you checked out Dr Bain? I've never used her but I know people who have and all have nice things to say about her. She's fine with delayed/selective/non-vaxed.  I know ppl take their intact boys to her and I've never heard she's tried to retract. Since any Dr. could retract at anytime, I think it's best to let them know before an exam you don't won't any manipulation of the penis at all. If your son is urinating fine, at this point, that's all his penis needs...
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