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Quote: Originally Posted by *MamaJen* Wait, how do you change the skins? Yes, this. And please spell it out simply for those of us (me) who aren't computer savvy/
For men, I think the Penn and Teller episode is really effective. It's funny, it seems to speak to men, it presents both the "pro" & "con" side, and invites discussion at the end since you don't know if the couple did or didn't circ their son. So...maybe send him the P&T BS circ video after you talk to him (or instead of). I'm pretty sure it can be found on google video.
Quote: Originally Posted by BurgundyElephant Please go test drive a Mazda MVP. I LOVE mine. Gets great mileage, it drives like a car, and it was WAY less than most other vans. : I previously owned one and I never a had a problem with it. I only got rid of it when I purchased a new car (because I wanted a car and not a van).
Quote: Originally Posted by newmom0730 I am a peds RN and again, crunchier than most. Did anyone get funny looks when mentioning thoughts on a homebirth? I've found many nurses here seem almost opposed to the idea, it shocked me! I'm an OB RN and I my second child was a homebirth. I received many strange looks and raised eyebrows when it was found out (at work) that I'd be having a homebirth. But several other L&D nurses there had birthing...
Congratulations on your accomplishment!
Quote: Originally Posted by minkajane Sadly enough, I've heard this argument actually used. This person kept insisting that babies just can't feel pain in their penises because the nerves aren't fully developed yet ONLY in the penis. Everywhere else the nerves work just fine. Denial at its best! I've read that argument online several times. It's frustrating.
I live in TX (not exactly mid-west but my area is a high circ area). My son is intact and no problems ever. We have friends from the neighborhood who have a son about the same age as mine. By all definitions, they look like the kind of family that would circ (meaning fairly mainstream). They didn't. Everything else is pretty mainstream about them and they are both very educated people. They once saw a documentary about David Reimer. That made them decide that they...
Quote: Originally Posted by nerdymom I actually wimped out of another "mommy group" this morning because I was feeling anxious. I BELIEVE in the intactivist cause, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to be a warrior. They've invited me to a lunch on Thursday... I still don't know if I should go or not. You know, some people can be very vocal and even confrontational, some are comfortable only saying stuff online, others never speak a word of...
Thanks for the update! Hope your son is feeling better soon!
Quote: Originally Posted by hipumpkins ... Mom is 22 weeks along and she does not want to circ but the DH very much does. Mom asked me for info. she is a nurse who has seen it firsthand and is horrified. she has also seen mistakes take place so I am not sure what I have in bookmarks that will work for her but I am giving all I've got! Interesting! Most of the nurses on this board and the ones I know IRL don't circumcise. It sounds like the...
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