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Quote: Originally Posted by •Adorkable• our very own elspethshimon has given birth to Ian Michael 8lb, 3oz; 20.5 inches, on 30 January 2008 at 2:41. Congrats! Thank you!!!
8lb, 3oz; 20.5 inches, on 30 January 2008 at 2:41. Although not the labor/delivery I wanted or planned, I had an amazing birth team whose support enabled a truly amazing experience. Details and pictures to come.
Why don't you direct some of your manifesting magic in their direction so that they can have the birth you think they should have?
Quote: Originally Posted by cagnew We are an hour away from the hospital and I have no idea when to go. I am sort of hoping that I will just know.... I don't want to get there too early and increase the chances of them wanting to speed things up. BUT... I don't want to get there too late either. Don't want to deal with hard labor for an hour in the car or with a birth on the side of the highway. Is there any place near the hospital you can...
I'm still mourning the loss of my home birth and I'm having trouble conceptualizing a "hospital bag" and a new birth plan. That said, I bought a night shirt in which I plan to labor and I've picked out the receiving blanked that I want to give to the dog when we come home.
Me Andy (partner) My midwife Andy's midwife (really, the second midwife provided by the organization we are using) Maybe a friend of mine who is a doula-in-training.
I'm totally leaking. I've never had to stuff my bra before and now wear cut up panti-liners in there every day. My partner thinks it's "neat."
I don't like it.
just off the top of my head: Delicatessen City of Lost Children A Very Long Engagement Festen (The Celebration) Pan's Labryinth
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