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Lact-Aid will ship, although it might be steep. It was pricey to get then to ship to Canada too, but so worth it. We also found a few sets on Craigslist. The medela was clunky and the suction was testy. It wasn't discreet, either, and I wanted to be comfortable nursing in public without having to answer questions constantly. I loved that I could nurse lying down with the LA too. I love that the suction is consistent, and that it also maximizes and supports building...
We are! Canada Post sends a reply to each letter to Santa, written by postal volunteers. And you don't even need a stamp to mail the letter to Santa in the first place. Only for Canadians, though. So fun!
Congratulations on the birth of your baby! I don't have any preemie experience, but I do have lots of supplementing experience. I did not like the Medlea SNS at all. After trying several ways of supplementing, I ended up using the Lact-Aid supplementer.. There is a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of it, but there are lots of videos on youtube, and it truly is worth the initial effort in order to have the most supportive nursing relationship for the the length of ...
All right, mamas ... If we can't keep this civil, perhaps it's time to nurse this thread down for a nap, no matter how old it is.
There has been a big range of opinions on the thread, which demonstrates to me that MDC is most certainly the place for it. There aren't many other forums in existence for discussions regarding extended nursing, and so this place is valuable and special in that regard. Moderators have been doing our best to keep an eye on this thread while also respecting the views and opinions of MDC members and the Universal Agreement. Please feel free to let us know where we have...
Thank you, @HappyHappyMommy! Nicely put.
HI again, Granite ... Needs mentioning that in BC midwives practice under very strict protocols since the regulation of the 'industry' happened.Since then, it's not uncommon to hear the term 'medwives' in reference to BC midwives. They really do practice under the umbrella of imposed medical protocols ... well, perhaps not imposed, but certainly conservative, indeed.You can find their protocols on line (here, at the college of midwifery site connected to the school at...
And why yes, that is a shiny new avatar over there. So glad you noticed. For those of you who have been following along, my audio story site is live as of today! The Story Forest is offering quality audio stories for kids, with plenty of queer family inclusion! One of our main character has a Mom and a Mama! Come check us out. End of shameless plug. We now return to our regular programming. As you were, folks.
Granite, I have a little piece of paper from back when E was born, with maniacally tiny writing recording all the friggin' weigh-ins, due to her 14% weight loss after birth and being so tiny to being with. Cue the onslaught of feeding/gaining struggles. Epically long, tedious story made short, so long as you've got healthy output and baby is meeting milestones and isn't lethargic, then carry on, Mama! You, my dear, are doing AWESOME!
Wonderful news! Welcome to the world, little one! We're so glad that you're here! Rest up, family ... as best you can.
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