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Welcome to Mothering! There are lots of threads from families with kids of similar ages in the Childhood Years and in Gentle Discipline. Have a look around and settle in with a cup of tea wherever you feel comfortable!
Welcome to Mothering! Be sure to check our our Moms of Many group. Sounds like your family would fit right in there! I'm sorry to hear about your loss, and hope that your and your family is managing to cope. The homebirth forum will have a lot of threads for you to connect with too, likely. Let us know if you need any help finding anything, and again, welcome to Mothering!
Welcome, welcome! Come on over and visit the stay-at-home parent forum! Good luck with baby number three ... lots of TTC advice and solidarity all over Mothering.
What a drag. Sorry you had to deal with that. Even when I've had sleeping babies is wraps that don't set off the alarms, I've always, always, always been instructed to remove the baby. The one time I put up a bit of a stink, I was pulled into a side room where I was ordered to remove the baby, and then was subjected to a lengthy 'inspection' that made us miss our flight. Now, I always have baby out (even if it's last minute). If you have your baby in a front carry with a...
What prettyisa said. Unless you or she have trouble being financially responsible, I'd vote for combining your money and running your household from a common pool.
Carmen ... And there's no need to be her 'teacher' or spend all day every day with her, not at all. Of all the homeschoolers I know, no parent considers themself the 'teacher,' and they're the busiest families I know, doing the most interesting things, The parent acts more like a facilitator, researcher, tool supplier, advocate, craft supply sorter, chauffeur, secretary, and snack-provider. We do project-based homeschooling, which has been great so far. Essentially. I...
Planet ... if you go to the individual post by you, you can edit it by clicking on the wee pencil icon at the bottom of the post. Just delete what's there and replace it with an * or 'deleted'. It won't accept an entirely empty post, but it will accept even just one symbol. Some people type' nm' (as in 'nevermind'). Unfortunately, if anyone quoted you, those quotes will remain. If it's something particularly sensitive, perhaps I can modify any quoted posts.
Good to see you here, Carmen! And so nice to read an update from you, beyond our sporadic texting back and forth. Come get the damn stroller, woman! And when you do, let's have a coffee. I'm so sorry to hear that your support circle got wobbly with your second pregnancy. That sucks on so many levels. As for reaching out because you think you might be a bit off kilter, that is nothing but a crown of sparkly goodness upon your head. Help is always a good thing. Let me know...
Seraf ... Yes, it bothers me a lot when folks question my DP's role. I should mention that she doesn't share our conception story very often. She's not a sharesy kind of person to begin with, but sometimes will tell folks as she gets to know them and they start asking more about her family. At the park and such, when people ask if the kids are her's, all she says is YES. Me, I can't resist telling a good story.
@granite. That is HARD, honey. Especially when you add in the murky soup of early post-partum emotions. I'm so sorry that they're sullying your beautiful babymoon!It's a hard balance to accept the help and love from family and friends that aren't on the same page as you, while also maintaining healthy boundaries. We did some painful learning the first time round, which ultimately resulted in some firmer boundaries the second time around.However, this is a great time to...
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