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ah the bannings. so if we are free to talk about everyone being banned, it must be safe to come out now!
curious to know too. I have always just delt with it. are you not at your "midew home" very frequently? I usually find it on things that we touch, but haven't in a while. if that makes sense. like leather gloves in the spring.
Who was the seller? If I may ask, I know I dont have time to spin, even when I dye the who time I think "when will this be dry so I can KNIT IT!!" :lol:
I dont do any for my 3yo :) I do still put in the zigzag under the waist band. It helps keep crack hidden ;)
No but I am dying to take a class! I think I would like it. Be sure to post pics of your yarn!
Www.ratracerebellion.com Www.wahm.com www.worplacelikehome.com I work for ACD, its a call center for charity donations I love it :) Sorry to zombie this thread ;)
nak i as going to suggest upright nursing too. we had symptoms of "silent reflux" but it ddn't seem quite right to me and upright like laying back in the recliner helped some :) glad you decided against the jello that sounds kinda gross.
3-6 m 3 warm weather outfits pumpkin onsie w/ hat halloweenie   6-9 m snowsuit (says sz 16) fit about 8yo Warm denim/ sweat shirt material hooded coat circa 1980 (still in great shape)   XL mens Gran Turismo 4 grey polo 2T COLORFUL spiderman buttonup shirt   book on wild animals book Dogs Barnyard Friends 4 bars kids J&J "buddies" soap 4 tubes crest kids sparkle toothpaste disposable feminine hygiene (pads, tampons, liners, one...
I'm not planning a c-section either, but this is excellent advice. I wondered if there was any thing they could do to aid in "reenforcing" the scar to maybe help prevent uterine rupture.
subbing, my water broke with DS1 and I was "induced" from there, so I'm curious still what labor feels like :)
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