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I just did my entire basement in marmoleum and love it so far. I want cork flooring when I redo my upstairs. I will never have carpet again!! too hard to clean
I bought one 6 or more years ago from a WAHM business. My new baby has shown a clear preference for this wonderful blanket and I want another one. I can find the blankets online in germany only. I am looking for a local source. Anyone know how I can get my hands on one?
Quote: Originally Posted by indigo_sue Our little one used to scream in baths a lot too. Then my stepmother told us to swaddle him in a receiving blanket and lower him into the water in that, then slowly unwrap him as he got used to the water. WHAT a difference. It only took two baths with us doing this for him to get used to being in the bath, and now he loves bathtime and the receiving blanket trick is no longer necessary! Thanks, I'm going to...
Erika- From what I have observed with my friends, everyone loses baby weight differently. I lose it all and then some early on, but around 9 months when we introduce solids, I slowly gain it back and end up somewhere near prepregnancy weight. My friend had trouble losing those last 10 lbs until she was completely done nursing, then they just melted off. Try not to worry about the whole weight issue......s easier said than done, I know!!
[QUOTE=riaketty;9140540] Unfortunately, last week we got two puppies that are 7wks as well (Free purebred German Shepheds... DH grew up with them and we couldn't resist). Life sure has been hectic around here! Luckily Mori doesn't seem to mind the divided attention of her momma. QUOTE] We have a 2yo german shepherd, GREAT dog! but I ca't imagine dealing with a puppy right now!
Hi all! 12 weeks or so pp. I've lost all the weight, but my shape is just different... I emptied my closet yesterday and kept everything that fit, stored what MIGHT fit later and got rid of my wishful thinking size 6 pile!! It is taking longer than ever to nurse. She stops frequently to smile at me and talk. It is so sweet, but a little tricky in public..... I don't know her weight, but we are into 6 month clothes!! They looked so huge when I got...
My DD has the same thing, our dentist said to leave it alone. Apparently, the scarring can sometimes cause a bigger problem than the frenulum itself. In the end we had it done at 8yo because it was tight and causing her pain. Her teeth are still far apart and we can't do anything about it until the rest of her permanent teeth come in. Then it will be her choice if she wants to close the gap. She kind of likes them the way they are.
[QUOTE=liamsmommy221;9043430] We didnt have any of the actual model numbers for the toys recalled, but with had some of the same toys with different numbers, so I bought a kit and tested them anyways. I'm being super paranoid after reading a story in a magazine about a 4 yearQUOTE] Were those toys okay? That's our situation as well. I have two older kids and thought we were out of the woods lead wise, but now I have a baby and am trying to determine what to...
So far, we don't have any toys specifically on the recall list, but now I suspect the rest. (How do I know that my fisher price toys that are several years old are okay?) I bought a lead test kit. Is there a proper way to dispose of any contaminated items?
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