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Mel- Me too with the house! I was so proud at how we were managing for about 4 weeks. Clean house, folded laundry...... Suddenly I'm falling behind...Yikes! We are 6 1/2 weeks here. Claire appears to gaining on track, whatever that is. At least her arms and legs are chubbing up and those cheeks! It makes me sad that she is growing so fast! Part of me can't wait to see what kind of little person she is growing into, the other could stay at this stage forever. She...
Baby's name: Claire EDD: June 28th (changed from July 3rd) Birth Date: June 9th Something unique: She has a little birthmark on her right leg How are we adjusting? Great! I love that we have the summer to adjust before school starts. We have had lots of lazy summer days as a family to get used to each other. Now that she is 6 weeks old, we are ready to get out a bit more. By the end of August, I hope to have mastered the art of getting us all out the door in a...
Welcome Cameron James!
I pre ordered on Amazon. Wasn't sure if I'd be up to a midnight trip. Now, I kindof wish I could pick one up at midnight....
Glad she's here safe and sound! Welcome Millicent Jane! (love the name!)
Welcome to the world Rowan!
Thankyou for sharing your story and pictures! Your children are beautiful! Welcome Gretta!!
Oh, I haven't been to Costco for two months now! That may be a record for me. I did make it to the grocery store this week for the first time with all 3 kids!! Claire is 5 weeks and is growing alot. We are dealing with a little fussiness (colic??) but it is manageable. I just don't want her to be incomfortable. I am considering seeing a naturopath who is good at sorting out food sensitivity. I haven't eliminated any foods yet besides OJ and tomatoes. My post...
Thankyou for sharing your birth story! Welcome Emerson Ryann!
Congratulations on your sweet baby!
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