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Wow, that was quick! Enjoy that new baby! Thankyou for sharing pictures, loved seeing that sweet newborn!
Congratulations, mama! Take care of yourself, hope you heal quickly!
Congratulations, mama! Take care of yourself, hope you heal quickly!
Welcome Brady Thomas!
[QUOTE=luckydog;8603098 With that said, as they got older (1+ years) I would - almost unconsciously - start favoring my left breast only (since I'm a right-handed mouser!). Be warned: That makes for a very lopsided look! [/QUOTE] Yep, that hppened here, too. With this new babe, the side that was bigger before is huge! I am using cabbage leaf=ves on the one side to tone it doown a little! If I am starting out lopsided, imagine how it will be at 1 year!! I agree...
Hi ladies! I've been a little lost on these boards since Claire was born. I have alot less time to post on the DDC, but still like chatting and visiting with mammas! Claire is 4.5 weeks. Nursing is going fine, a few oversupply issues, but we are dealing with that. She still seems so sleepy--mostly sleeping eating and pooping. Maybe only 2 really alert times a day. I am going to the bookstore to get a baby book. This is my third, but I have forgotten so much! ...
When I saw thie title on this post, I knew exactly what you were talking about! I thought I was the only one! 5am here as well. Not really awake, not really asleep..... I had been thinking about actually waking her when she is like that, thinking then she would go back into a deeper sleep later but that would mean I have to wake up, too. Right now I put her on her tummy on my chest....I don't sleep deeply like that, but it seems to help her. Weird that we are all...
I have a 4.5 week old and she uses a soothie. I tried the Avent, but she couldn't keep it in. I am also working on the oversupply issue by nursing on one side several feedings in a row. She is less fussy now and is able to comfort nurse (sometimes). She is often frustrated when too much milk comes out, that's when we use the pacifier.
Welcome to the world, Adrienne!
I'm sorry you are facing an induction. I had the Mack Truck version 2 times (exactly how I would describe it!) My third unfortunately was an induction as well. I would describe it as a good experience, though. The differences were: We didn't break my water until labor was well under way. We turned off the pit and I spent the last part in the shower. I had phenominal support. Yes, it is a pain to move around with continuous monitring and IVs, but it can be...
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