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I can't wait for the new season!!!:
It varies so much, here (quebec, Canada) there is subsidized day care at 7$ a day but the wait lists are 2+ years, if you go private and are in certain income brackets you can get a whole lot credited back k to you on your tax return or forwarded to you quarterly. So for me to send DD to a private 35$/day daycare I end up paying 7.50$/day which will work well for me when the time comes.
If after viewing the facility and seeing how they are with the children I felt satisfied then yes I would.
I EBF on demand and got "phantom" periods from about 5/6 months, my daughter was still nursing tons and at LEAST every 2 hours at night then. I transitioned her to her own space at night (9 months) and with that partial night weaning (since my breathing didn't wake her up every 3 seconds but still nursing at least 2x a night) and I got my period back at about 10 months PP.
I get about 6 and that works for me. I could get more. DD goes to bed at 6pm and wakes around 6 am. usually she sleeps through the night until about 5 am and then back down for another hour or 2. I go to bed around 11 or 12 but if i'm particularly tired I go to sleep earlier. Like last night I went bed at 9:30 (!!!) and we got up at 6 so i got about 8 hours. the option is there if i need more sleep but I value 'me' time more then i value being well rested more often than...
my daughter is almost a year and falls many times a day since learning to stand/walk.
If its a close friend I think its ok to message them and let them know they don't have to stop and offer up your resources or info if they ask for it. If it is someone you barely know I would just myob.
my DD has more trouble with people coming into our home than she does when we are out. I think it's because she is used to the dynamic at our home and its her space. I never thought of it being weird though.
A family friend is my lawyer and the retainer is still 5k. He is going to try to claim some of the fees, since i am hiring him to get child support on behalf of my child...
totally fine over here.
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