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I had been Breastfeeding non stop for 6 years so I wasn't going to let this stop me!
It was a Saturday night when I finally went into labour - for real after 2 nights of pre labour! My doula Zita arrived and supported me, alongside my husband throughout the night until our beautiful baby boy was born at home in water on St. Patrick's day. Everything went smoothly and I was soon cuddled up with him in bed to start our baby moon! But two weeks and 2 days later everything was about to change... On Tuesday morning, the 2nd April I got a little niggling feeling...
thankyou! I'm half austrian, living in UK now
On the night of the 24th we celebrated my mums birthday with a Chinese at my house with the rest of the family. During our meal I felt irregular but relatively strong contractions but I didn’t want to get my hopes up having had Braxton hicks for days without anything happening. After everyone left and we went to bed I couldn’t sleep out of excitement and hope that this WAS it… so at 4 i the morning I got up, and just in time too as mike (my partner) was literally just...
Your name: Petra Baby's name or nickname: Johannes EDD and Birthday: 19th, Born on 25th Sex: Boy Stats:3900 g, 8lBs, 10 1/2 oz, HC, 35cm Born at home, in water, Birthstory Being written, need to upload photos
just gave birth in uk ad had mw care throughout, you dont see a dr unless theres something wrong. generally they check blood pressure, they may take your bloods, check urine, maybe feel the baby and listen to heartbeat
first: just as labour started, second: as the head was crowning
i loved being i complete controll at all times. everything was as blissfull and calm and tranquil as i wanted it to be. i could just let those wonderful sensations take over and really give in to them ... everything was perfect!!!
i "knew" i wanted a water birth ad for me it was the best experience ever (in a mwl birthing centre) this time round im having a home water birth and cant wait!!
DS got in it and jumped around in it wanted to go for a swim straight away! lol will be doing a tryal run asap hehe . this is the pool i got: http://www.ecobirthpools.co.uk/ baby can come now!!
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