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I used to have a huge list of books on parenting/birth that I wanted to read, and they got lost when I switched computers. Could anyone recommend any books on natural parenting, UC, Breastfeeding, attachment parenting, single parenting, natural birth and parenting gender neutrally? Thanks!
In a perfect world everyone would be tested regularly and then not offer if they had these diseases, but unfortanately you can't trust people much anymore. I found out after the fact someone who offered to donate to me was a serial sperm donor, he donated to so many women that it became a dangerous thing, and he had a habit of harrassing women if they gave up their phone numbers.. I advertised twice and got two replies from him using two different e-mails, he didn't...
One of the things that really troubled me last time I attempted to find a sperm donor was medical records (like HIV/STD tests) One potential guy scanned a recent blood test result, it looked above board to me, but I made the mistake of showing someone else, who was trying to find evidence that it was fake, which made me lose confidence. So now I'm considering using a SD again, can anyone offer some advice - short of ringing the clinic that did the test - of how I can...
It's winter here in Aus : Sorry to make you all jealous :P
It's more common around here for people just to start dumping their kids with people when they turn like, 1.5-2. Which I don't get either, like my cousin, she seemed like a really involved parent to her girls, but since they stopped being "babies" you barely ever see them, they're always with their grandmother/grandfather or their dad. She's a SAHM, so it's not like she NEEDS to leave them.
I came to MDC when I was considering TTC, some blog writers I read have mentioned coming here and I like to learn from people with the same ideals as me before I do becoming a parent
Quote: Originally Posted by katelove Lyric Rose I love the name Lyric Current front-runners for me are Luna or Sasha for a girl, and Xander or George for a boy. I'm not keen on the same-initial names, at one point I wanted all my daughter's to have L names like I do, but the only ones I liked all sounded the same (loan, lyric, layne, lake etc) Now I want all my kids to have names starting with different first-letters
Truthfully I think people are too lazy to make lasting friendship's these days. I really try to connect with people who seem to have an interest in being my friends and then after a few weeks, or even days of contact they get bored with the idea and then if I try to chat with them, they seem like I'm bothering them. : Very annoying!
I don't think it was a wrong response, your friend is lucky to have someone like you who'll stand up for them! You felt strongly that it was the wrong thing to say, and I think you were quite controlled, I would have probably freaked out on them about being so vain.
I have IBS and if I get compacted (like, if I can't go for a couple of days) then I'll start to feel sick when I need to go.
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