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I had the same problem, after my second son was born, (well, 10 months later) I had leaks, cramps, the diva cup wasn't sitting right, it was awfull. It took a few months, but it settled down, and I have been able to use it successfully for several months now. It turns out that I also had abnormal cervical cells, (I am NOT suggesting that you do, but it turned out to be problematic for me and my periods.) and since I had them removed, the diva cup is staying in place much...
Thanks everyone for the hugs and good wishes. MotherWren, I don't know yet when I will be tested. The clinic will call me with an appointment. But the doctor said as soon as possible. Within a few weeks, maybe? I hope it's not too long, I want to know one way or another.
Quote: Originally Posted by MotherWren I am so sorry you are feeling scared and loney. Is there any way DH can come home early? If I were near, I would come over and serve you some tea and sympathy That would be very nice. He will be home before I know it. I made my own tea, and got your sympathy over here, and that helped. Thanks.
Thanks everyone. I am so glad, skai, that everything turned out ok for you. It would be easier not to be afraid if I actually felt good, but I really don't, and haven't for a few months. Since neither of these possibilities is officially diagnosed yet, and since it's not the diabetes making me feel the way I do, it's got to be something. The funny thing is that last night, I was just feeling weepy, and I asked my husband to call in sick today, just to be with me. But...
Hi. A few weeks ago, I had to go for a medical to renew my drivers license, since I am diabetic. During that visit, my doctor was concerned about my blood pressure being high, and asked me to come back twice more to have it checked before he could make a diagnosis or make any recomendations for treatment. Ok. The next week, I already had a pap booked with his wife, who is an OBGYN in the same office. So it was agreed that she would check my BP then, and then I would see...
I came on here to post about my own scare today, but saw your thread first. I hope it all turns out well for you. You are in my prayers now too.
You could try it with just enough for one jar, see if it works, and go from there. I think you might need to cook them to activate the natural pectin in the fruit, but if you were happy to add a lot more boxed pectin, it might work. What about the skins though? Would your juicer leave a lot of the skin in which could toughen up as the jelly cools?
My MIL does the vermicompost under her bed. I don't know why, she lives on 50 acres. But she does, and she loves it. I read something in a knitting book about a red worm composting movement in New York, maybe google red worm composting, there should be a lot of resources there.
Maybe it's your neighbours? Deep fried zucchini blossoms are very popular these days, apparently!:
Really? That's crazy. We spent a week at my parents place in southern BC, and my boys ate all their tomatoes. Pretty much stood at the plants, watching them ripen, eating them all before my mom could even see them. Cherry's, of course. I had one pumpkin growing fairly well up here, but I accidentally cut it off. Now I think I may have one or two, but I would be really surprised if they grew big enough to ripen. My beans did really well though. Next year I will have to...
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