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It doesn't bother me. I have 4, which is kind of considered big. The stick figure decals are annoying though. In my opinion.
Wow, I was going to say 33- which is completely honest. I was thinking you'd say late 20s, and I'd look rude! You look great!
I think a lot of us had to deal w/ similar situations in regards to family. What is funny, is that this statement could have been made by me: "I had thought I would vaccinate for tetanus and polio around 1-3 years of age, as those are the 'serious diseases'." I have also changed my stance though, and am on the fence. I probably need to educate myself about the Tetnus vaccine, in particular, as I don't know much about it. I have a friend who is an RN, who rants...
I'm so sorry that happened. I just heard about this a month ago on another board. The same thing happened to a mom's toddler. She had no clue, and started freaking out. I'll keep that in mind when my baby is born.
This would mean that the "professionals" could, at any time, say that such-and-such disease was a huge risk. Without question, people would get their vaccines against said disease. We would never even know if the disease had infiltrated the U.S. nor if it was a legit risk. I am sure the drug companies are thrilled- what more could they ask for?
Is anyone familiar with this bill? Hopefully it will not get passed. I don't know a lot about it, but what I have read is upsetting. From what I understand, this bill will allow drug manufacturers to be exhonerated from reporting adverse reactions (from vaccines) etc. Here is a link I was able to find regarding it, although it does not address the issue concerning vaccines I have: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...111300861.html
Hi, I really need some support right now. My husband and I agreed to get polio and tetnus vaccines for our kids starting at 18 mos old. Today, my 2-year old went in for his 3rd round of both and I have a weird feeling about it. I feel as if I did something wrong. This has nothing to do w/ anything I have read, and the people around me are vaccine nazis. It doesn't help that we moved out of state, and had to start w/ a brand-new pediatrician. We wasted half of the...
I'm so glad you asked this. I barely remember my last two pregnancies (and it wasn't even that long ago!) I had an ultrasound today, where they dated me to be 11 weeks and 5 days, I think. Thank goodness I don't have much longer until the 2nd trimester. I have had moderate nausea.
I struggle w/ insomnia off and on anyway, so it isn't anything new to me. In my first pregnancy, I had it bad in my last trimester (right before delivery.) My doctor prescribed ambien at that time, probably because I was due in less than a week anyway. I have the same issues now, and I am currently in my first trimester. I am hoping it will resolve itself, so I don't have to bring it up to my OB. I won't, unless it is really bad. I have two toddlers, myself, so I...
My husband and I do not drink alcohol, so this isn't an issue for me. However, I will say that in my last pregnancy, my OB told me that one alcoholic drink per week was okay. He said that could be whatever I want: one beer, one cocktail, or one glass of wine. Again, I'm not a drinker, but if I wanted to have one, I would feel comfortable doing so.
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