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I've had them as long as I can remember. Ds started at 3. It's terrible.
Poor guy! My son has a similar response. He had some pretty invasive procedures and surgeries this past summer, plus numerous blood draws. It would take three of us to hold him down kicking and screaming to do it, but they were important. I second getting therapy. We didn't and we should have. It's now progressed to acting this way other times, he goes into these rages and kicks and hits dh and I and threatens the other kids. He NEVER did this before. We're starting...
I signed up the 10th. 10th and 11th I did amazing! All dishes were done, counters wiped, table cleaned off, everything done. 12th did not. I have bell's palsy and am seeing a chiro to help heal it faster. We had intense treatment that day and I was wiped so I didn't get it done. 13th was a laziness fail. Tonight all done!
I'm way late to the party, but I want to join!     1) Who you are    I'm a sahm to four kids, three I currently homeschool.   2) What your housekeeping struggles are   I was taught good housekeeping, but my mom never did anything. My sister I did all the housework, most of the cooking, and most of the taking care of the two younger kids. I was burnt out, so when I got married I didn't have to clean and didn't. Follow that with some other issues and I'm...
AF came this morning!
I hate threads that never update. I've been waiting for something to update and am still waiting. No period, no positive test. I bought a FRER, negative. I have no idea what's going on.
Dollar tree was negative this morning.  It's so weird because I have more symptoms than I did when I was pregnant the last time. Oh well, it would really be best if I lost some weight first.
I don't have my camera with me, my mom borrowed it. It was kinda pinkish, definitely not just gray. I think my hubby tossed it because he didn't want me obsessing. :) Waiting is so hard!
I'm so confused! I took one this morning and it said no. I was trying to find online how sensitive it is and I read that it's not like some of the other digitals. I read that it reads a regular test strip, that you could use the strip inside as a regular test. So I pulled it apart and there is a faint line, but it's there. Dh even saw it and he's of the opinion if you have to squint, it's not there. So now I'm confused.    I have no idea when I ovulated, I don't...
Thanks for the info.   I sent a kmail to a lady, gah, can't remember her title. She's right under the director of the school. She called me yesterday and we talked about my reasons for wanting to leave. She offered to just take out my son who is struggling so much, but I explained that I want to go back to how I did this summer, group lessons for Science and History, individual for math and grammar stuff. DD1's teacher had sent a news article yesterday morning about...
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