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I was 37 when I had my HB and it was not an issue at all. If you are in good health and have a good midwife, should not be a problem.
I just moved a moving truck full of tomato, squash and herbs. It took both me and my husband to pick up a couple of the squash plants. I would give it a try, I took the squash plants and put them into containers, keeping as much of the soil that they grew in as possible. It is really amazing how little soil the cucurbits need to produce a huge plant. They struggled a bit in the new location but they are really hearty and are bouncing back prolifically. Transition them...
:::::goodv ibes::
Those are some bad mfs. They tore my tomatoes up last year and their pupae are probably about the ugliest things I have ever seen. The praying mantis is a beneficial insect, that is a good sign. You really have to vigilantly go over every inch of your tomato plants and "dispose" (as you see fit) of all the hornworms you find. Don't give up!! Like the pps said, compost tea, mulch, side dress with cured compost, whatever you can do to try and maintain the health of your...
It almost looks like Japanese Beetle damage (google image just that) are you sure you haven't seen any golden bodied beetle type insects hanging around?
As you explained the picture, I had such a totally vivid, clear picture of those darned squirrels in my mind's eye. Wow, weird.
We are prepping our beds for next season after buying a house this June with soil that has a high clay content as well. After much research, we decided to try sheet mulching and let the worms do most of the work. If you do choose to compost directly into your garden beds, be prepared for a lot of volunteer seeds to sprout. Good luck!
My conversion moment actually happened when my mom mistakenly ran over a squirrel. It just made me think about how much humans have impacted animal species in all their destructive ways, etc. For some inexplicable reason, this drove my family crazy, for some it was like a personal affront. For others, it was something they could constantly tease me about, they really fixated on the squirrel thing. One of my older cousins said that if my mom wanted me to start eating...
My heart goes out to both you and your daughter. Be strong, mama.
If the fence runs along the back of the bed, what direction does the fence run? Maybe it gave the info on that website, but I didn't see it. Just wondering about the sun you receive on the bed. There are some bush varieties of zucchini and there are more climbing-type varieties. It looks pretty good to me though. In the permaculture books I have been reading, it talks about staggering the plants (like you did with the bell peppers on the garden plan) and how that...
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