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We really like Nordic Naturals Berries (we call them cloudberries based on the story on the bottle).  The full serving is 4 berries but we only do 1 sometimes 2.  We also add Nordic Naturals kids DHA capsules. 
Can't help much with reasons as I haven't had to research that - just piped in to say that my VBAC supportive doc has no issues with a hep-lock.  I was concerned that I might have to have an IV but when I asked he mentioned having a hep-lock instead.
Thanks LiLStar!
Hi LiLStar - I'm not sure if it was a mistake or not.  My husband thought maybe my request was automatically denied because it was in the system for so many days and then it was kicked out.  I was able to find some other online resources, including the national ICAN site, that gave me some info for my initial appt with a new OB and at this point I'm going on the support from my friends (all had/having scheduled repeat c-sections....).  So needless to say I feel a bit...
Hi want2becrunchy - I do have a paricular doula in mind.  I'll definitely keep you in mind though - thanks!
Hello!  Does anyone know anything about how good the ICAN group is in Seattle?  Their website doesn't seem to be up to date and I found an older thread saying how great their Yahoo group was.  Well, I tried to join the group but the moderator denied me.  It feels so weird to be denied access to a support group for VBACs when you are trying to find resources to help with having one, though maybe you don't get access if you can't attend a meeting?  It would take me well...
We used Laura Zeman whose office is in downtown Bellevue.  I can't give much info on cost as it's covered through my husband's benefits.  We met with her for I think around an hour and then she drafted our will and then we went back for about 30 minutes to sign all of the paperwork.  http://www.zemanlaw.com/group.php
I've always roasted them, but the other night I didn't want the oven on so I put them on out cast iron pan out on our grill. OMG so good! It only took about 15 minutes (grill heated up on high then dropped to med to cook; sliced them into 1/4 inch rounds prior to grilling) and the beets had a sweeter taste to them versus earthy.
How about spelling it Rachael instead? You keep the name but change the spelling and association to the student.
The whole nasal/mouth area in an infant is open and free flowing you could say. I don't think it's uncommon for milk to come out of the nose -they take milk in through the mouth and most likely they are laying a bit flat while nursing and with the openness of the area some moves horizontally and out through the nose. My DS is 6 months and it's happened a few times in the past couple of months. DS seems to know no difference and unless he had some congestion issues I...
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