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 So, when you say you conceived "easily" at 44, I wonder what kinds of things you were doing/not doing that you think were most helpful to your success?  Advice? Let us in on the secret to success! 
What does your allopathic doctor have to say?  Any clues there?  I know you could google "best foods for folate" but it sounds like there may be more going on if you lost all that weight and it sounds like you suspect something yourself.
Are there naturopaths in your town?   Sorry I don't have the answer!
What about at what age menses started - anyone know if that is a factor in how long in life one is fertile?  Any of these posts about women getting pregnant in their 40's - do you know at what age menses started?
Thank you for sharing!  Big congratulations to you and your family!
I sure can understand that "stiff drink and coffee" idea!  Every time I get AF (BTW, can someone tell me where I can learn what all these TTC acronyms stand for ?) I seem to fall into wanting to do "all the wrong things since the right things aren't working" so I'm right there with you.  Luckily it only lasts one or two days at most, for me, before I feel hopeful again and willing to continue to believe in my dream. I have taken a number of different supplements over the...
So sorry you are going through this. Sending hugs and thinking of you. 
Sounds like you are choosing a good approach to wait and see before doing anything to encourage the mc.  So hard to wait and not know.  Have you the option to see another doctor or midwife for a second opinion on the medical condition of you and the pregnancy?
Caritasrainbow, So very sorry you are going through this.  My heart goes out to you. If you are very clear that you want to encourage the bleeding to begin, the things I have learned to do are high doses of vitamin C, and Black Cohosh and Blue Cohosh.  I don't have the specifics right now - we are in the process of moving too. Does anyone have more info. to help with doses?  I know you don't want to take these herbs if the pregnancy will continue (if you don't have d &...
If your toddler is coughing to get some food out, should you encourage them to look up or down to make it safer/easier to get the food out?
New Posts  All Forums: