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Eastvillage, I'm in Italy and my doctor tried to put me on some unusual restrictions as well, somewhat like yours. The max. weight gain recommended here is 25lbs., and I also think the dietary advice here is aimed at keeping weight gain down. (Of course, I ignored his advice because I know better than he does what kind of diet is healthy for me.) About the coffee, there are a few women here who avoid it during pregnancy, but I've never heard of any doctor advising...
Like pp's have said the AFP is only a diagnostic test; it can only estimate the risk of defects. I had one and my results came back elevated risk for Down Syndrome (very high HCG.) I was scared into having an amnio, despite an ultrasound with no markers, and then the amnio came back with a result of no chromosonal disorders but with an elevated AFP. Another ultrasound showed no evidence of neural tube defect. I trust the ultrasound. I've heard that it's the most reliable...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nani somewhat sideways with her right leg extended and always sitting on her left leg on each crawl action. One of my nephews does that, and is so fast it's amazing! Most everyone around here (so. Italy) has terra cotta floor tiles- very cold and very hard. This little guy's older brother didn't crawl at all and went directly to walking.
Thanks for the warm welcome, mamas!
Hi everyone! I'm KC, an American expat living in southern Italy with my Italian husband. We're expecting our first, a baby girl, who is due to arrive in just a couple of weeks. A fellow expat blogger recommended this forum to me (she's a member here but I can't remember her screen name) and I'm so glad she did because I love the positive feeling here and I've already learned so much just from reading posts over the last few weeks!
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