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refashioned an old linen wrap skirt that hasn't fit me in a few years into an a-line skirt that fits. I can't wait for summer to start wearing it!   1128
  I stuck it in there back before I decided to rebel against dh's no nails in the walls policy. As you can see, it was a great place for a calendar, it only took me a little over three months to notice that it was out-of-date.  
activity book and marker card game stencils 2010 calendar that was hanging in my closet old t-shirt   1127
2 glass bottles (now I have six, I think that should be enough, as I never use more than two at a time!) 2 bath toys 2 napkins 2 hangers magazine cardboard box bathing suit bathing suit cover-up a stack of old ziploc bags that were in dd's closet repurposed a pair of trousers dh doesn't wear anymore into capris for me cut a very faded pair of pinocchietti into cleaning rags (new rule: with the exceptions of pajamas and some clothes I wear to clean the house, if...
Thanks! I really put everything I had into them. I don't think I'll be undertaking another detailed project like that for a while. I thought that I had taken a picture of them closed, so that you could see them better, but I couldn't find it when I uploaded the files.
Finished a sewing project (dd's curtains) that had been sitting on my dining room table for months, it was the last thing in the sewing pile, which is now gone! Yay! (I've been working on reducing my fabric stash enough that I'll have room to store projects in progress rather than just dumping them on the table.) Also, I used a couple of old, unused sheets to line the curtains, so those have been decluttered as well.   1107
I finished the curtain! I was feeling so motivated after hanging them that I also sorted through dd's spring and summer clothes, something I was planning to do next week.   I know everyone likes before and after photos, mine aren't great because all I did was turn a pile of fabric into a curtain, but here goes:   This the pile:   It *looks* unassuming, but keep in mind that it had been on that table for months, and that it was a clutter magnet for much...
pack of food coloring a few Kinder egg toys hair clips that don't stay in dd's hair a pair of old rubber gloves from under the sink a piece of cardboard cardboard box floppy disk yet another plastic container   1104
K'sMama, you declutter some great stuff- there is always something in your lists that I think I'd like to have!   Thanks, Poetry Lover. I'm not sure I'll get to 2011 either. It's getting harder to find things to declutter. I decluttered a lot last year, though I wasn't part of the challenge. Now if dh decided to start decluttering his stuff too, I'd definitely get there. But I don't think it's likely.   Quote:  
I'm in too. I have only one project, but it's a pretty work-intensive one. I need to finish sewing the curtains for my dd's room. I made one of them back in November and all the fabric and pieces for the other one (it has a lot of appliques) have been sitting on my dining room table since then. I am really tired of looking at that pile. I've been avoiding it for so long because it's just so much work.  
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