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repurposed a tv cart we were no longer using into an ottoman. I'm going count this one as three items because I used quite a bit of fabric from my stash (which I'm trying to reduce) and some foam rubber that I hadn't been able to find a use for but couldn't quite throw away (and now I'm glad I held on to it!)   996
Thank you both for your suggestions. I think we really should get a pest control specialist involved because I'm sure the wasps are building nests elsewhere on the house too as the house is built of exposed tuff bricks. I'm sure there are lots of hollows for them. But given that, I'm pretty sure it would turn out to be a big job and unfortunately it is so not in our budget right now.   Is DE powder diatomaceous earth? I might try that if I can find it. It's something...
part of a broken yardstick (why was I keeping that?) 2 pieces of cardboard I was saving instruction booklet nail decals bath toy computer cable 2 computer discs electric socket large wooden fork coffee-flavored candy someone gave us chunk of really moldy cheese (how long was that in fridge?) assorted bits of junk from my sewing box unsalvageable portion of an abandoned sewing project clasp completed 2 projects from the dining room table sewing pile deleted...
We have problems with wasp nests every year. The build them in the space between our shutters and window screens. I have to keep the shutters closed because we don't have a way to fix them open. (That's something dh has promised to do somehow for over a year but hasn't, it's complicated because our windows are fairly high up and overlook an abandoned, overgrown lot.) I keep the louvers open to let in as much light as possible, so the wasps are free to come and go as they...
When I click on the link, I just get the survey monkey home page. Is it necessary to register before taking the survey?
linden tea no one likes cruddy old clothespins pair of underwear with elastic issues ugly white polyester someone gave me and I can't imagine a use for bubble wrap that was in the cabinet under the ugly white polyester a bit of pillow stuffing I was saving to repurpose pattern abandoned fabric chain project fabric scraps needle case   974
toy cars drawstring bag mini toy cooker and bowls repurposed 2 unused cd bins for some of dd's small toys (I was actually going to make a couple before I remembered we had these) expired pantry item 2 plastic bowls   964
repurposed an unused curtain into a pair of smaller curtains   956
food storage jar insulated bag place mat chain name tag   955
bath sponge vinyl bag I'd been saving to repurpose bit of chiffon from a bomboniere bit of black felt from ? a couple of large but irregularly shaped fabric scraps random syringe from the medicine cabinet doll I have hated ever since someone gave it to dd deflating heart balloon lid without a container framed and hung a picture using an old empty frame 950  
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