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I grew up in a family like this. I got the hell out as soon as possible and am not on good terms with my mother and brother and never plan to be. Your son has a behavior problem that you are enabling by allowing him to bully and terrorize your little girl. She is only a child. Now may be the only time you have to step up to the plate and be a parent to her before you cause her irrevocable emotional damage, if it's not too late already.
It is not her responsibility to defend herself. She is only a child. Your daughter is being terrorized and you are not protecting her.
Quote: Just a little advice, posting it on the internet is not the best way to keep it a secret.
I am also interested in an updated discussion. I was an HIV/AIDS educator for Planned Parenthood at the time those articles were written (IIRC it was not just one cover article, but a whole issue dedicated to "alternate" views on HIV/AIDS). I thought there were some good questions raised regarding how little we knew about the link at that time. In the decade since, we know more and all the questions I had have now been explained by science.
I've heard some very confused and bewildered people got warnings here for posting legitimate questions about cooking with bacon, because the mods were assuming all references to bacon were hidden communication from members of TWWS. I don't know how true it is, the story has taken on an urban legend quality over there, but around the time TWWS started picking up momentum those kind of things were happening over here to our TWWS members.  
This is not the first time it's been brought up. Not by a long shot. This is the first time the moderators have not removed it immediately. I'm assuming it's because of the new UA.    
TWWS has a smilie for that. :)  
  No, it came from a post that Zoebird made that some people thought was funny. A lot of people. Some MDC members who had never heard of TWWS have even stated it in this thread. Don't be so melodramatic. You're the one who is cyberbulling, accusing us of things we didn't do and trying to shame us for them.
I don't think anyone who is upset about the C&P aspect has answered me... what is the difference between C&P, paraphrasing, or linking to a post?   Maybe this is a generational thing? I first saw the internet before it was used widespread by the general public in 1994. It was my first week of college and my instructor said to never put anything on the internet or say in email that you wouldn't want to find printed out and posted on a bulletin board. I never have. As...
You realize that you guys started this discussion, right? Then over 200 of you popped on over to TWWS and signed up for accounts. Why don't you just let it drop, go on your merry way, and be happy?   Spending too much time on the internet to mother our children? Pot, meet kettle.
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